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30L home beer brewing equipment suppliers

Double-layer #304 Stainless steel material.Automatic heating/Automatic temperature control/Automatic cooling system,Professional Beer Mash Tun.

double layer stainless steel beer mash tun, Fermental tun and Beer storage Keg, Beer Bottle, and is a technical manufacturer who can provide the relevant craft beer brewing solutions.

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30L home beer brewing equipment suppliers

Configuration list of 30L home ber brewing equipment :

beer-mash-cooling-machine-home beer brewing equipment-30L.jpg






 Mash system














Mash machine






















Liner / cladding stainless steel 304









Voltage: 110V-240V Power: 1600W-2000W

Scope of application: household, commercial

Function: cleaning, heating,mashing, filtration, boiling, cooling machine

Function buttons:LED display, touch control buttons, automatic and manual

Sprinkler system: Circulating shower allows the wort to penetrate evenly, the temperature is consistent, and the sugar yield is increased.

Cooling system: Efficient cooling, reducing the risk of wort contamination and improving beer quality and taste.

Glass cover: high borosilicate glass, not easy to break down.






Liner filtration







Liner / cladding stainless steel 304




Malt filter bucket: wort and malt are completely separated for convenient washing and shortening brewing time

Removable,the whole can be removed outside the barrel Welding method: argon gas welding,sanding belt.

Filtering method: natural filtering








Double function of cleaning and wort circulation







Wort transfer, mash and cleaning





stainless steel



Stir the wort during the mash process.








Fermenttion system
















 Fermentation            tank

























 stainless steel                304









Power: 1600W-2000W

Function: fermentation and low temperature storage

Material: The outer shell is made of imported wood,and the inner barrel is made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

Function button:LED display,touch control button,can automatically thermostat at any set temperature.

Structure:The inner barrel adopts conical bottom sedimentation and manual drainage design.Through refrigeration technology, the fermentation can achieve the best effect under constant temperature and low temperature storage for a long time.

Pressure gauge:visually display the pressure inside the barrel to facilitate wine.

Safety valve:isolates air from entering and sealing function.

Aerated hole:add carbon dioxide to improve taste


The working principle of 30L home beer brewing machine brewing kit:

Composed of two main parts,mash machine kettle kit and fermenter tank.

To be used throughout the brewing process,from cold water before sacchar-ification to heating, saccharification,filtering of grains,boiling,cooling of wort until the wort is drained.When using the nozzle in the mashing barrel,the function of the nozzle is to fill the water and circulate in the barrel. 

Note that the nozzle will become hot and hot in the process of use.The inlet switch valve is the switch that controls the entry of water into the valve.

Small size, small room requirements, family balcony can be used.Electric coil heating, high heating rate, low energy consumption, fermentation tank refrigeration coil cooling. A small set of equipment allows you to experience the fun of brewing beer in a large brewery.

The investment is small, our company can provide equipment installation and use instructions, and can provide OEM services according to customer requirements. If you are still looking for a supplier of beer home brewing equipment, WEMAC is your best choice. more detailed you want to know,please feel free to let us know.

Operation video of 30L home fresh beer brewing equipment:

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