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5 bbl brewhouse for sale

Technology, equipment and raw materials are the three major factors affecting the quality and taste of beer. As a fermented beverage, beer needs four main raw materials: malt, hops, yeast and water. Beer equipment serves beer brewing technology. The manufacturing of beer equipment should follow and meet the basic requirements of beer brewing technology. Mashing system is the core of the whole beer equipment. The above processes are indispensable for brewing good beer. Every step should be improved. How you treat beer carefully, it will treat you.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

Mashing system is the brewing core of the whole set of equipment. Like the human heart, it is a process responsible for making malt into wort. Namely: "mash - lauter - boiling - whirlpool" four main process steps; These four functional steps are completed by several tanks, which are called "several saccharifiers". Hot water boiler belongs to auxiliary equipmentThe mashing system is divided into one vessel mash, two vessel mash, three vessel mash, four vessel mash, five vessel mash, six vessel mash and seven vessel mash. How to choose the mash system? What are the characteristics of each mash system combination? Let's introduce them one by one.

one vessel 5 bbl brewhouse for sale

50L-All-in-one-beer-brewing-tanks.jpg30L-home using-beer making-home brewing equipment-beer kegs_副本.jpg

What is one vessel combination? It means that the four steps of mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpool are completed in one pot. It can be seen that this equipment has relatively small limitations, is suitable for home brewing equipment or beer lovers, has low output and simple process.

Two vessels combination 5BBL brewhouse for sale

The two saccharification devices are divided into (American saccharification combination: saccharification filter tank and boiling rotary sedimentation pot), (German saccharification combination: saccharification boiling pot, filter pot and rotary sedimentation pot).This combination of two vessels combination is a common method, which is suitable for beer equipment of about 50l-2000l.Suitable for small breweries, bars, restaurants and other commercial beer equipment.



Three vessels and four vessels combination 5BBL brewhouse for sale

Three vessels refer to Mash tun + lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tun.

Four vessels refer to (mash tun+ lauter tun + kettle tun + whirlpool tun) + hot water pot.


The combination of the above mash systems is suitable for 24-hour uninterrupted production, for the production of medium and large breweries, and for beer systems with more than 2000L. When purchasing beer equipment, the selection of "several saccharification vessels" or the type, configuration and size of saccharification is determined according to the site conditions, brewing process requirements and yield batch requirements. At the same time, consider the investment cost.

ModelOutputCombination   modeVoltageHeating modeMaterialScope of   applicationControl mode
100L100L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireSUS304/316LHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.Semi automatic /    automatic
Three vessels brewhouse
200L200L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
500L500L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
1000L1000L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
RemarkThe above models can be customized according to   the requirements

The heating method of 5bbl brewhouse for sale

Whether electric heating or steam heating mainly involves cost and saccharification process. Electric heating: an electric heating pipe is installed in the tank of saccharification equipment, which is directly heated by electric energy; Heat hot water and boil wort. "Mash mixing method" is suitable for electric heating, but "section by section heating" is not suitable. Equipment above 500L is not recommended. Steam heating: a steam jacket is installed outside the inner tank of the saccharification equipment, and a supporting steam boiler (scientific name: steam generator) is heated by steam( Type of steam generator: electric boiler, oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler.) Direct fire heating: there is a furnace under the saccharification equipment to burn natural gas or coal. At present, direct fire heating equipment mainly burns natural gas. In some foreign countries, the price of steam generator is extremely high. In order to reduce the equipment procurement cost, direct fire heating is selected. In terms of operation, electric heating and steam heating: steam heating equipment is easy to clean and electric heating maintenance is cumbersome. Saccharification equipment, steam heating is recommended.

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