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500L 3BBL 1000L Complete set of microbrewery craft beer brewery equipment manufacturer and suppliers ZXF

Whole systems from malt milling machine to brewing system,fermentation tanks,cooling,filter,filling system,kegs,Craft beer brewery brewhouse equipment manufacturer.suitable to use in all kinds of plant,hotel,restaurant.

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Established in the year of 1958,WEMAC is the leading professional beer brewing and fermentation system manufacturer.

WEMAC provides professional equipment consulting services, technical and product support for large, medium and small craft beer plant construction projects. From the 3BBL-3000L system, we can design, produce, install and debug for customers.

500L-1000L-Craft beer-3BBL-5BBL-Beer brewing system-craft beer brewing-fresh beer-brewery-brewhouse-suppliers-manufacturers.jpg

The pictures shows the 500L two vessels craft beer brewery system,made of high quality stainless steel.mash/kettle tun + lauter/whirlpool tun.PLC electric control cabinet.

inner tank-brewhouse-brewery-500L-Stirrer-beer brewing-beer making-craft beer-stainless steel-1000L-3BBL-5BBL.jpg

The mash tun equiped with upper motor,inner stirrer,makes the heating more uniform.Round clear glass manhole on top,clamp connection.

The inside and outside are polished, and the welding has no welding scar, and the pipe connection has no dead angle.

filter-beer brewing-beer filter-craft beer.jpg

The beer after mashing and fermentation will be filtered through a filter. WEMAC provides professional filter equipment, including membrane filter, candle filter and so on.

kegs-filling-filler-kegs filler-kegs filling-supplier-manufacturer-.jpg

This pictures shows the beer kegs fiiling machine,Semi-automatic filling, the beer keg is manually placed upside down at the machine station, and then the beer is filled with equal pressure.

Kegerator-Beer Dispenser-Keg Beer-Cooler Refrigerator-with 4 Tap Towers-6tap towers-for four 30 liter cylinders.jpg

Beer refrigeration dispenser,2 heads,4 towers are optional.There is a refrigerator at the bottom,It can cool down multiple barrels of beer at the same time.

beer kags-barrels-packaging-stainless steel-20L-30L-50L.jpg

Stainless steel beer barrels with a capacity of 20L 30L 50L and many other options.WEMAC provides free logo printing and other services, supplying various types of beer barrels in European and American standards.

WEMAC provides complete beer brewing system products, turnkey and other project contracting.

We are looking for agency partners on a global scale. If you have experience in product distribution agents or are interested in the craft beer industry, we sincerely hope to work with you to expand the product market in the craft beer brewing market. We provide agents with preferential prices and various technologies, including after-sales services.

Any more detailed information you want to know,please feel free to contact us.

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