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500L 3BBL Beer bright tank unit tanks in discount cost

All size Stainless steel beer bright tank,There are a variety of double-layer jacketed fermentation tanks, vertical and horizontal types to choose from. The stainless steel material is thick, and the jacket is insulated and refrigerated.suitable to use in beer brewery for beer fermentation.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on


Double-layer horizontal jacketed fermentation tank with round manhole on the top.Compared with traditional fermentation tanks, this design can make full use of the height of the room and save space in a small room. The fermentation tanks are connected by welding with stainless steel pipe frames, which can realize the placement of three and four-layer fermentation tanks at the same time.

side-manhole-beer-making-fermenter-for sale-500L-5HL.jpg

Conventional 500L vertical jacketed fermentation tank, four legs at the bottom, oval manholes on the side, transparent glass sight glass at the top, which can see the fermentation of the wort in the tank, with pressure gauge, mechanical regulating valve and breathing valve on the top , Bottom drain outlet, beer outlet valve. The cold water pipe interface in the jacket is connected with the cooling system to provide a refrigeration medium for the fermentation tank. Equipped with a temperature sensor, connected to the PLC system, online monitoring of the fermentation temperature in the fermentation tank. WEMAC can add level gauges, carbon dioxide filling ports and other devices according to customer requirements.


Insulation:Polyurethane, thickness is 100mm.
Cooling method: Dimple plate jacket, thickness is 2.0-3.0mm.
Cone design: 60°
Pressure:Design pressure 0.3-0.4Mpa, working pressure 0.15-0.2Mpa.
Manway:Top manway or side shadowless manway design.
Accessories: double L tubes, dry hops port, vacuum breathing valve, water-sealed valve ( or other pressure relief valve ),
pressure gauge, sample port, carbonation stone, beer outlet, drain outlet.


side sample valve,With a seal, will not enter the air and affect the quality of fermented beer,The L-shaped pipeline is connected to the CIP trolley. After the fermentation is completed, the CIP cleaning pump is operated to achieve spraying and washing in the tank.


Argon Arc welding,

the argon arc welding method is filled with argon gas during welding.the argon gas is used to protect the metal.therefore the weld life of our product is longer than other products in market.

Pickling passivation,

after pickling and passivation,the metal surface forms a very thin,dense,passivation films that can be firmly attached to the metal surface.prevent metal from coming into contact with corrosive media to prevent corrosion.

All the design and production of WEMAC start from the convenience of use, and carry out the production inspection of the products with high quality and strict requirements. Ensure that every product sent to customers is of the best quality. WEMAC is looking for product distribution and retail agent partners on a global scale. If you are interested in equipment or have beer brewing experience, we hope to cooperate with you.

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