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500L 5HL Beer bar Pub brewhouse for beer making equipment sale well in South America ZXF

Complete set of 500L system including :
Malt Milling Crusher Unit
500L Brewhouse Unit
500L or 1000L Fermentation Unit
Beer Filter Unit part
Bright Beer Tank Unit Part
Cooling Unit/Heating steam unit
Controlling Unit/plc&control cabinet

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

The 500L equipment is small in size and low in investment cost, suitable for small and medium-sized wineries, hotels, restaurants, bars and other places.

500L-5HL-system-beer making-fermenter-brewery.jpg

The picture above shows WEMAC’s 500L system at the exhibition. the mash tun and lauter are in same vessel,top motor,provide power for the inner stirrer,Wort circulation pump and heat exchanger at the bottom, saving equipment space.Effective volume is 500L

The mash tun is where the process starts. Freshly milled grain is mixed with hot water in a process called mashing. Mashing converts the starches found in grain into sugars. When conversion is complete, the resulting liquid, called wort, is transferred to the shorter copper vessel. This is the brew kettle. Steam is used to bring the wort to a boil, and hops are added. After the boil is complete, the wort is cooled rapidly and transferred to stainless steel fermenters.

500L-Fermenter-brewery-brewhouse-for sale-exhibition-WEMAC.jpg

The workmanship details of this system, the stainless steel operating platform, the use of steam for functions, and the Miller plate heat exchange technology for efficient heating. The temperature is accurately controlled by the control system and connected to the temperature sensor in the tank. The temperature difference does not exceed 0.2°C. It is suitable for a variety of beers. Production, such as: IPA, Shitao, etc.


Side square manhole, top round head welding, flange connection glass sight glass,The fermenter has a jacket, the refrigeration system controls the temperature in the tank, a thermometer, a pressure relief valve, a beer outlet arm, a sampling valve, etc.


We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit and taste beer. WEMAC hopes to cooperate with you to jointly develop the local beer brewing system market. This 500L beer brewing system can definitely help you benefit.

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