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500l brewing system

When you want to be a restaurant, bar or barbecue shop and need to serve refined beer to attract customers, there will be a lot of preparation. First of all, brewing technology is necessary, and a process suitable for local taste is essential. Secondly, beer equipment must be considered. To brew good beer, a suitable equipment with high quality and low price will also be necessary. How to find a good device? Do not know this manufacturer, so many mixed manufacturers, which one to choose? Which model does the beer equipment use? If you choose the large one, the daily output will not reach, resulting in a waste of resources. If you choose the small one, the daily output will be too small to meet the daily demand.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : 500L
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : 500L、1000L

How to choose a suitable 500L brewing system? As a professional beer equipment manufacturer, we must think from the perspective of customers and what kind of equipment customers are suitable for. What is the customer's site and how to get the pipeline to make it most convenient for the customer. The daily output of customers depends on how to configure and design according to the output, which can save money and make it more convenient for customers to use. Therefore, we cannot do without communication. We should constantly strengthen communication, solve fundamental problems and truly achieve win-win cooperation. The following is the 500L beer brewing system introduced.

How to configure 500L brewing system

Malt milling system

Malt   milling system1Malt milling   machine200Kg/h 1
1. Type:   counter roll type
    2. Material: stainless steel
    3. Voltage 400V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1.1kw
    4. Speed of fast roll: 700 rpm
    5. Overall dimension (h * L * WMM): 1365 * 780 * 600
    6. The total weight is about 150kg.


The first step is the malt crushing system. Generally, we recommend to use the counter roll malt crusher, which can better ensure that the inner core of malt is crushed completely, the outer skin is broken but not broken, and the wheat skin forms a natural filter layer to improve the filtration efficiency.

Mash system

2Mash system1Mash/kettle tunEffective volume500L1WEMAC1. The inner   tank is made of SUS304, 3mm, and the outer material is 2mm thick; Overall   dimension: D = 1260mm, H = 2660mm
2. Steam heating; Coil jacket, pressure   resistance 3bar. Heating shall meet the temperature rise of 1-1.5 ° C / min;
3. Thermal insulation rock wool, with a   compacted thickness of 80mm.
4. The air capacity is more than 40%.
5. The speed of the mixing motor is 30R / min,   the mixer in the tank is made of stainless steel 304, and the lower part of   the mixing shaft is supported with a shaft sleeve. The upper part of the pot   body is sealed to prevent steam leakage from the shaft operation.。
6. The diameter of the upper steam discharge   pipe is ¢ 159. A condensate collection device is added on the steam discharge   pipe, and the drainage pipe is embedded in the insulation layer.
7. Bottom feed;
8. Temperature sensor, - 10 -- 150 ℃, 4-20mA   signal, l = 200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand Fred.
9. 2B surface inside the equipment, pickling   and passivation treatment, fine treatment of welds, no concave convex   deformation, etc; The external surface is subject to wire drawing treatment,   the appearance of the equipment is beautiful, and the pipeline layout and   opening position meet the requirements of operation, on-site installation and   visit.
10. Round glass manhole, butterfly head
11. Equipped with cleaning pipe, with standard   cleaning ball and cleaning pipeline iso32.
12. Optional: multi nozzle steam condensing device
2Lauter/whirlpool   tunEffective   volume500L1WEMAC1、The   effective volume of the lauter tun is 500L,and the effective volume of the   whirlpool tun is 500L
2、The material of the inner tank is   SUS304,thickness3mm、and the outer cover is 2mm;the external   dimension:D=1160mm,H=2660mm.
3、Rock wool insulation for filtering   pare,thickness80㎜;
4、There are 2 inlet pipes on the upper part,one   of which is used for reflux and the other is used for wanshing the grains.The   internal grain washing device adopts the form of double umbrella flow   plate,and its three washing pipes are used for washing the filter   tank,equipped with standard washing ball ISO32.
5、The filter has a round manhole on the upper   part and a square outlet on the side (with a chute for the outlet),the filter   discharge header is equipped with a trial mirror and a sanitary sampling   valve,and the sight glass is installed horizontally, the filter can realize   natural filtration and suction filtration,and natural filtration.It can be   washed at the same time.
6、False bottom:milling.Made of SUS304,the   opening rate is about 10%;the surface is bright and flat,the part can be   opened,easy to clean,and it is not deformed,the distance between the filter   plate and the bottom of thepot is between 2-5cm,and the bottom of the tank is   equipped with a bottom cleaning device .uniformly distributed no less than 3.
7.Rake device: the overall material is   stainless steel 304; the installation and support are firm, and the rotation   is stable; the speed is controlled by frequency conversion; the inclination   angle of the tillage knife is ≤15°; the internal tillage tool holder is fixed   on the cylinder of the tank, not the bottom; the stirring motor and The   gearbox has a stainless steel 304 shield. Motor and gearbox speed 19r/min,   select domestic well-known brands;
8. Rotary counterclockwise tangential feeding,   the feeding port is 1/3 below the liquid level; it has a liquid level tube, a   breathing hole, and a quick-installation manhole on the side. The shape of   the bottom and the discharging material not only ensure the spin-sinking   effect, but also improve the convenience of operation and reduce the loss of   material and liquid. There is a bypass between the suspension discharge pipe   and the sewage pipe; Teflon liquid level pipe.
9. The internal 2B surface of the equipment is   pickled and passivated, and the welds have been finely processed, so there is   no unevenness and deformation.
10. The whirlpool tun is equipped with a   cleaning tube, with a standard cleaning ball, and the cleaning pipeline is   ISO32.
3Hot liquor tank Effective   volume500L1WEMAC1.the   inner liner is made of SUS304,the thickness is 3mm,and the outer material is   2mm thick;overall dimensions:D=960mm,H=2200mm      2.Rock wool,thermal insulation laminate   with a solid thickness of 80mm                                3.Conical   head at the top,round manhole for installation,and conical head at the   bottom.     4.Equipped with cleaning   pipe,with standard ball cleaning,cleaning pipe ISO32,overflow port.
4Plate   heat exchanger
1. Suspended.   Design pressure 1.0MPa, design temperature 150 ℃; Flow 1t / h.
    2. The plate and frame are made of 304 stainless steel.
    3. The heat exchange area and process combination meet the following   requirements: the wort is reduced from 98 degrees to 8-10 degrees, and the   material is finished in 40 minutes. Water rises from 2 degrees to more than   80 degrees; Cooling water temperature - 5 ℃.
    4. Both wort inlet and cold water inlet use ball valve to control flow, and   wort temperature uses digital thermometer.
5Hop   filter
1WEMAC1.   Valve plate material: SUS304;
    2. Connection mode: quick installation;
    3. Filtering accuracy: 40 mesh;
    4. Applicable temperature: - 20-130 ℃;
    5. Pressure range: 0-10bar.
6Wort   oxygenator
1WEMACVenturi   principle is made of SUS304, oxygenation is uniform and meticulous, with   glass sight glass, oxygenation can be seen.
7Operation   platform and step
1WEMACStainless   steel 304, anti sliding plate and guardrail.
8Hot   water pump
1.   The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel,   which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known domestic   brand.
    2. The flow is 3 tons/hour, and the head is 18 meters
9Wort   pump
1.   The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel,   which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known domestic   brand.
    2. Frequency conversion control, with a flow rate of 3 tons/hour and a head   of 24 meters.


The above configuration is made according to the mash system of two bodies and three devices. The mash system has one device, two bodies and two devices, three bodies and three devices, four bodies and four devices, five bodies and five devices, etc. you can choose. The mash system is determined according to your usage habits, work efficiency and daily output.

Fermentation system

Fermentation system1Fermenter500L6WEMAC1、The inner   tank is made of SUS304,thickness 3mm,outsourcing is made of   SUS304,thickness2mm,dimensions:D=1060mm,H=2260mm/Opening height of equipment   manhole2530mm。
2、Miler board jacket,material SUS304,thickness   1.5mm,the cooling area of the cylinder is about 40% of the surface of the   cylinder,and the cooling area of the cone is about 50% of the surfae of the   cone.
3、Polyrethane foam insulation,thickness 80mm。
4、The tank can withstand a pressure of2.5bar。
5、Compression resistant design of cone under   60°
6、20%empty capacity.The upper part of the   cylinder of the tank is flush with the bottom of the washing ball.
7、Equipped with a washing ball, the   installation position is slightly lower than the welding seam between the   cylinder and the head, and the washing pipe is Ø32.
8、The internal roughness is less than or equal   to 0.4um, and there is no deformation, no scratches, and the welding seam is   2B surface.
9、The upper part is equipped with manhole and   positive and negative pressure safety valve, single head.
10、The tank body is equipped with temperature   sensor (-10--150℃, 4-20mA signal, L=200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand   Forex), sampling valve; there is a sewage outlet at the bottom, and a wine   valve at the bottom of the cone , DN100 for dried hops.
11、The bottom drain pipe Ø38.
12、The internal 2B surface of the equipment,   pickling passivation treatment, external surface drawing treatment, beautiful   appearance, pipeline layout, opening position, etc. meet the requirements of   operation, on-site installation and visit.
The same as   fermentation tank (without hops).
Material   SUS304, mechanical pressure regulation, control the pressure in the   fermentation tank, model WH-5101A (0.2-2.2bar), with flush diaphragm pressure   gauge.
4Vent   valve
    Installation:quick installation,chuck50.5
5Mobile   cleaningcart
1WEMAC1、1   mobile cleaning pump,wiith control panel。
    2、The cleaning pump flow is 2T/H,the head is more 20 meter,Corrosion   resistance.


The number of fermentation tanks is determined according to the batch produced every day and the type of beer. Moreover, we have made reinforcing plates for the legs of each fermentation tank, which is more solid and durable.

Cooling system

Cooling system1Chiller5P1
1. Unit type:   air-cooled chiller (glycol), voltage level 230V/400V 50Hz, total input power   4.86KW.
    2. The capacity meets the requirements, the outlet water temperature is   -5°C, and the nominal cooling capacity is 7.4KW.
    3. Dimensions (L*W*Hmm): 1140*560*1040
    4. Outdoor installation, ambient temperature <35℃.
    5. Compressor: fully enclosed scroll type, refrigerant R22C.
2Alcohol   tank1500L1WEMAC1.   Liner material SUS304, 2mm, outer material thickness 1.5mm; Overall   dimension: D = 1300mm, H = 2300mm
    2. Polyurethane foam insulation 100mm.
    3. Automatic temperature control.
    4. Supporting valves and pipe fittings, and all pipelines shall be   insulated
3Alcohol  pumpFlow   rate 3T/H,the head is 30M1台
Alcohol   water circulation pump, the capacity meets the requirements.


The above configuration is for reference only. The most suitable scheme should be made according to your actual situation. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Please leave your email, telephone and company name, and we will contact you immediately.

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