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Advantages of using craft beer equipment

With the advent of the beer market, you will find that people are increasingly demanding beer when they drink beer.The traditional industrial mass-produced beer can no longer meet people's needs, so the imported beer with unique taste begins to go.Enter people's lives. So the merchant grasped this business opportunity and began to develop towards the direction of craft beer.The production of craft beer can not be separated from the brewed beer equipment, then where is its performance advantage?

1. The level of craft beer equipment is adjustable, the performance is stable, no leakage, leakage, running, dripping, no steam leakage.
2. The disassembly, assembly, movement and modification of the craft beer equipment are convenient.
3, with a complete CIP cleaning system, equipment cleaning is convenient and thorough.
4. The overall equipment and piping layout of the craft beer equipment should be beautiful, safe and convenient.
5. There is no dead angle in the layout of pipelines and craft beer equipment, and pumps with acid and alkali resistance,
high temperature resistance and low oxygen absorption are used.

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