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Beer Machine Consultation

When you want to run a microbrewery or restaurant brewery, our engineer will provide professional consultation according to following factors:
1, Beer consumption
Before choosing beer equipment, please tell our sales manager beer consumption or sale quantity, the consumption of beer is seasonal, master the maximum daily consumption, monthly consumption to ensure continuous beer in the peak season.
2, Site conditions
Site conditions (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic field, etc.) will effect the equipment. We suggest customer provide the site drawings and site surrounding environment to our engineer, if possible, ask for engineer to the site for having a look at first, WEMAC engineer will provide the appropriate solution according to the site conditions.
3,  Estimated investment
Invest a microbrewery or bar, hotel, and not only equipment, also expects the late raw materials, water, electricity, and other administrative costs. Our staff will communicate with customer and do a cost-benefit analysis according to local equipment settlement price, consumption level in advance
4, Beer types
According to the region, the different taste preferences, customer hope get types of beer, it also effects equipment configuration, especially for the fermentation system.
5, Beer batches per day
Beer batch also effect equipment configuration, because the capacity of mashing and fermentation systems is multiple relation. For example, one batch beer brewing , mashing and fermentation capacity is the same. Two batch, fermentation capacity is double capacity of mashing system. But the biggest ratio cannot be more than three times. in accordance with the ordinary process, generally mashing time is 8 to 10 hours, a day and night can get 3 batches beer, 1 to 2 batches is best. In order to reduce the initial investment risk, cost savings, select multiple batches brewing equipment is a very good method
6, Beer technology
If customer have their own beer making process, please introduce to our engineer, our engineer will supply the reasonable configuration according to the brewing process.
7, A liquor equipment
There are variety of liquor equipment, price is different, customer will choose a suitable for themselves.
8, Equipment material
Stainless steel 304 is the common material for beer equipment. Stainless steel, carbon steel , copper is also used in beer production line. Our engineer will supply with professional consultation by customer’s requirement.

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