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Beer brewing Double roller malt crusher grain powder milling machine for sale ZXF

Features of barely malt grinder for beer brewing/grist grinder for beer brewing/malt mill for beer brewing
1, this product is mainly composed by the rack, the transmission system, the grinding chamber, the grinding

roller, the adjustment mechanism, the flow control mechanism, the upper hopper, the lower hopper and so on

2, unprocessed food grains through cleaning and removal of impurities and moisture into the hopper, rely in grain weight and machine, a slight vibration in between two rollers to squeeze roll grinding, grinding

material through the hopper discharge.

3,small volume, large output, reliable performance, energy saving, durable and easy maintenance.

4, operation is simple, maintenance is convenient.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on



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1.this product adopts linear guide rail with high accuracy, high running precision ; 

2.products with a novel composite gear self lubricating function (patented) transmission.

3.smooth transmission, low noise, impact resistance stronger, abrasion resistance high; 

4.new roller mill (patented) made of high-quality steel roller shaft and the new material, do dynamic balance, processing more uniform particle size, 

higher efficiency, longer service life of parts; the roller clearance adjusting structure has the advantages of simple, high accuracy; 

5. using U type motor base adjusting mechanism, the adjustment is more convenient the machine is fully enclosed; structure, material cleanliness is easy to guarantee; 

6.the design of material feeding adjustment mechanism,feeding material is more uniform.

Application of barely malt grinder for beer brewing/grist grinder for beer brewing/malt mill for beer brewing

.The equipment is mainly applicable to the production of beer malt and pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate and other manufacturers. Also suitable for urban and rural small feed mill pulverizing forage use.

Features of barely malt grinder for beer brewing/grist grinder for beer brewing/malt mill for beer brewing

1, this product is mainly composed by the rack, the transmission system, the grinding chamber, the grinding roller, the adjustment mechanism, the flow 

control mechanism, the upper hopper, the lower hopper and so on

2, unprocessed food grains through cleaning and removal of impurities and moisture into the hopper, rely on grain weight and machine, a slight 

vibration in between two rollers to squeeze roll grinding, grinding material through the hopper discharge.

3,small volume, large output, reliable performance, energy saving, durable and easy maintenance.

4, operation is simple, maintenance is convenient.

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