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Beer fermenting tanks in discount ZXF

Medium capacity fermentation tanks suitable for hotels and restaurants and medium breweries. The fermentation tanks use certified stainless steel material. All tanks and jackets inspected and pressure tested to 3 times operatiing pressure.

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  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
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  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

Beer fermenting tanks in discount 

Beer tanks/Fermentation vessels in the factory,the capacity of the tank are made of high quality stainless steel,jacketed pressure vessels.with the function of temperature control. 

2000L Beer brewing fermentor.jpg

6000L fermetner in discount,four legs in the bottom for support the whole tank,top manhole.

Basic structure of conical fermentation tank

Tank top part-Head

The top of the tank is a round arch structure. The central opening is used to place a detachable large-diameter flange to install CO2 and CIP pipes and their connectors. The top of the tank is also equipped with anti-vacuum valves, overpressure valves and pressure sensors, etc. The inside of the tank is equipped with a washing device, and a platform and channel for the operation of the tank top are also installed.

Fermentation tank head.jpg

The tank part

The tank body is a cylinder and is the main part of the tank. The height of the fermenter depends on the diameter and height of the cylinder. Due to the large diameter of the tank and the low pressure resistance, the diameter of the generally conical tank does not exceed 6m. The processing of the tank body is easier than that of the tank top. The outside of the tank body is used to install cooling devices and insulation layers, and a certain place is reserved for installing temperature and pressure measurement components. The cooling layer of the tank body has various forms, such as coiled tube, Miller plate, jacket type, and is divided into 2 to 3 sections, which are led out by pipes and connected to the cooling medium inlet pipe. The cooling layer is covered with polyurethane hair. Insulation materials such as foam plastics are covered with a layer of aluminum alloy or stainless steel plate outside the insulation layer, and colored steel plates are also used as a protective layer.

6000L Beer brewing fermenter.jpg

The bottom part of the cone

The included angle of the cone bottom is generally 60º~80º, there are also 90º~110º, but this is mostly used in large-capacity fermentation tanks. The height of the cone bottom of the fermentation tank is related to the included angle, the smaller the included angle, the higher the cone bottom part. Generally, the height of the cone bottom of the tank occupies about 1/4 of the total height, not more than 1/3. The outer wall of the cone bottom should be provided with a cooling layer to cool the yeast precipitated at the cone bottom. The cone bottom should also be installed with inlet and outlet pipes, valves, sight glasses, temperature measurement, pressure measurement sensor components, etc.

Polished tank inside and outside.jpg

In addition, the ratio of the diameter to the height of the tank is usually 1:2 to 1:4, and the total height should not exceed 16m, so as not to cause strong convection and affect the sedimentation of yeast and coagulum. The tank material can be stainless steel or carbon steel. If carbon steel is used, the inner wall of the tank must be coated with a non-toxic paint that has no effect on the taste of beer. The working pressure of the fermentation tank can be determined according to the working nature of the tank. Generally, the working pressure of the fermentation tank is controlled at 0.2~0.3MPa. The inner wall of the tank must be smooth and flat, the inner wall of the stainless steel tank must be polished, and the paint of the inner wall of the carbon steel tank must be uniform, without uneven surfaces, and no grainy protrusions.

Factory tank polishing equipment.png

The taper of the fermentation tank can be customized according to your needs, tall, short, fat and thin can be selected. In addition, our technical engineers can realize the design of double-layer and multi-layer fermentation tanks and the design of vertical and horizontal fermentation tanks according to the layout of the site.

The inner and outer layers of the fermenter plate are polished to achieve a matte mirror effect,Affected by the increase in the price of the raw material of the fermentation tank-stainless steel, the price of the fermentation tank will gradually increase. We offer discounts. If your brewery needs to be expanded, increased fermentation tanks, or interested in the distribution of fermentation tanks, we will provide you with Preferential fermentation tank prices.

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