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Beer making kit brew equipment

Beer is not only a beverage, it is also an art, which needs to be carefully crafted. The beer equipment produced by wemac can meet the needs of various large, medium and small customers, from 30L to more than 2000L. WEMAC can also provide turnkey projects from brewery design, planning, beer equipment manufacturing, transportation, and installation, suitable for brewing enthusiasts, bars, restaurants, craft beer houses, small breweries, medium breweries, and large breweries usage of.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

Beer making kit brew equipment

If you want to build a brewery, if it is a small brewery such as a bar, a restaurant, etc., your first consideration is high-quality beer brewing equipment, high-quality and low-cost, and suitable for the scene. If you are a medium and large brewery, you should not only consider the beer brewing equipment, but also how to plan the site, how to arrange the beer equipment reasonably, how to install the equipment, and how to use it. This needs to be done by professional experts, but also within a reasonable budget.

Why choose WEMAC beer making kit brew equipment

•Has more than 60 years of beer equipment production experience and understands the production process of all types of beer.

•Introduce advanced German production technology, and innovate and improve on this basis to form a set of beer production equipment with its own characteristics.

•With more than 50 engineers, it can be individually customized for your brewery.

•Advanced production equipment provides support for the production of high-quality beer equipment.

•Can provide a series of turnkey projects from design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, etc.

Before beer making equipment

Whether it is making beer or beer equipment, it is the same as being a human being. Only when you are down-to-earth, conscientious, and responsible to complete it, can you make good beer or good beer equipment.

1. Positioning. First of all, you must first locate what beer you are, where is it used, and what is the forecasted sales volume? How much can you sell in about a month?

2. How many batches do you make every day, and one batch a day, still needs to be done continuously.

3. What kind of beer do you make?

4. How long is the brewing cycle?

Home beer making kit brew equipment

Home brewing equipment refers to small beer equipment, usually beer lovers, experimental beer equipment, novices and other frequently used equipment, generally from 30L-200L. The configuration provided is also different, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

Configuration of 30L home brewing beer equipment 


30L-home using-beer making-home brewing equipment-beer kegs.jpg

Mash machine Voltage:110V-240V


Scope of application: household, commercial Function: cleaning, heating, saccharification, filtration, boiling, cooling machine Function buttons: LED display, touch control buttons, automatic and manual Sprinkler system: Circulating shower allows the wort to penetrate evenly, the temperature is consistent, and the sugar yield is increased. Cooling system: Efficient cooling, reducing the risk of wort contamination and improving beer quality and taste. Glass cover: high borosilicate glass, not easy to break down.

Liner filtrationMalt filter bucket: wort and maltare completely separated or convenient washing and shortening brewing time Removable, the whole can be removed outside the barrel Welding method: argon gas welding, sanding belt. Filtering method: natural filtering

Fermentation tank:Power: 1600W-2000W Function: fermentation and low temperatures torage Material: The outer shellis made of imported wood, and the inner barrelis made of food grade 304 stainless steel. Function button: LED display, touch control button, can automatically thermostat at any set temperature. Structure: The inner barrel adopts conical bottom sedimentation and manual drainage design. Through refrigeration technology, the fermentation can achieve the best effectunder constant temperature and low temperature storage for a long time. Pressure gauge: visually display the pressure inside the barrel to facilitate wine. Safety valve: isolates air from entering and sealing function. Aerated hole: add carbon dioxide to improve taste.

50L-200L micro beer making kit brew equipment

Micro beer equipment has a small output, and is generally suitable for small restaurants, bars, etc., with a small footprint and simple installation.


We will design micro beer equipment according to customer requirements.

Beer brewing is mainly divided into malt crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, CIP cleaning system, refrigeration system, etc. The saccharification system is the core key of the entire beer production. The 50L miniature beer equipment integrated machine, the saccharification system is composed of a pot, that is, saccharification-filtration-boiling-rotary sinking are carried out in a pot. The refrigeration system of the fermenter has its own compressor. The all-in-one machine has the advantages of small footprint, flexibility and convenience, and simple installation.


Two-vessel saccharification combination

Option 1: Saccharification/lauter tun + boiling/whirlpool tun

Option 2: lauter tun + saccharification/boiling/whirlpool tun

Option 3: Combination of two vessel and three pots, saccharification/boiling tun + lauter tun + whirlpool tun

All of the above combinations can be heated by electric heating, steam or direct fire.

The fermentation system is mainly composed of fermentation tanks. The wort is fermented into beer in the fermentation tank. The fermentation tank has the function of cooling and heat preservation. From the inside to the outside, the fermentation tank has: inner tank, cooling jacket, insulation layer, and outer skin. The control system controls the temperature of the beer in the fermentation tank according to the temperature set by the fermentation.

500L-2000L  beer making kit brew equipment

500L-Per batch-beer brewery.jpg

Beer making equipment above 500L is commonly used, which can ensure both beer quality and beer output.

Mash system combinations

ModelOutputCombination   modeVoltageHeating modeMaterialScope of   applicationControl mode
100L100L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireSUS304/316LHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.Semi automatic /    automatic
Three vessels brewhouse
200L200L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
500L500L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
1000L1000L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
RemarkThe above models can be customized according to   the requirements

The size of the saccharification equipment and the highest batch capacity of saccharification determine the maximum production capacity of the equipment. For example: 2 tons of saccharification with two vessels can achieve a maximum daily output of 4 tons. 2 tons of three-vessel saccharification can achieve a daily output of up to 6 tons. 2 tons of four-vessel saccharification can achieve a daily output of up to 8 tons.

The size and type of saccharification equipment are based on individual site, capacity requirements and investment budget considerations. The larger the saccharification equipment, the higher the energy consumption and the higher the investment cost. However, the cost of later transformation is relatively high. It can be considered that the pre-saccharification can be achieved in one step.

The number of fermentation tanks in the early stage can be as small as 6-8. It is relatively easy to expand production and add fermentation tanks in the later stage. The investment and construction of small and medium-sized breweries are mainly constructed in phases. In this way, the initial capital investment pressure and market sales pressure are relatively small. Make preparations for expansion after production is stable and the market expands.

large beer making kit brew equipment



Large breweries require more complicated processes and processes than small beer equipment. We can provide one-stop service from site design, equipment planning, transportation, and installation. We have undertaken more than 50 large-scale brewery construction projects around the world. rich experience.

If you are considering entering the home-brewed beer or craft beer industry. Whether it is investing in bars, wineries, restaurants, or small and medium-sized breweries, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the beer brewing process and equipment process configuration requirements. If you have any questions, please communicate with professionals and manufacturers in detail.Welcome to consult us.

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