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WEMAC is a pioneer where integral success concepts for pub breweries are concerned. With our brewery roots and our groundbreaking invention of the pub brewery, we certainly know what counts: reliable state-of-the-art brewery installations that produce individual beers of the very best quality, equipment and interior furnishings that meet the highest aesthetic demands and create a unique atmosphere plus the perfect interaction of all elements that ensures a visit to your pub will be an unforgettable experience.

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We see ourselves as a manufacturer of breweries and a supplier of turnkey solutions. From the needs analysis, the development of the gastronomic concept and interior design to the construction, transport, delivery and installation as a complete turnkey system and on to include extensive consultation services and service offers after the opening – competent, personal support over the entire process of creating your pub brewery and beyond are all a matter of course for us. Our goal: your long-term success as a pub brewery. A goal to which we commit ourselves anew every day.

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Whether in stainless steel or copper design – as the centrepiece of your pub brewery a WEMAC brewhouse is more than impressive. And the technical values are just as convincing: with a capacity up to 20 hl the pub brewhouse is suitable for all standard mashing processes and we have been using space-saving, maintenance-friendly valve clusters for 15 years now. An efficient boiling system, a spacious whirlpool and ergonomic operating sequences perfect the brewing process and guarantee best beer quality.


Fermentation & storage

As a key element of your brewery installation our fermentation and storage tanks stand for top product quality and reliability. They comply with all applicable standards and the German Pressure Equipment Directive. Other quality features include generous cooling zones for perfect fermentation and storage plus the exclusive use of tank fittings from well-known German manufacturers. The size, type and finish of the tanks are planned according to the individual requirements of you pub brewery – even tanks in your brewery colours can be realised.


WEMAC brewery installations stand for best beer quality worldwide. During development we always focus on cost effectiveness, efficiency and resource-saving operation. Having operated an industrial brewery for many years we know all to well that these criteria are essential if your brewery is to remain competitive and enjoy sustained success. Our brewery installations have one goal: to offer you the best solution for brewing your beer. Flexibility with types of beer and expansion potential are as equally important here as the consistent taste of you products.

For the other parts like:

Cooling Unit
Insulated glycol water tank with and without copper coil for glycol liquid holding and mixing
Efficiency chillers or refrigerators with fryon to supply cooling energy
Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger
All pipes, fitting, insulation and other accessoried materials are included

Beer Dispense device
Kegs filling and rinsing machine
Semi/automatic bottling machine with rinsing&washing, filling, capping, labeling etc
Flash pasteurizer or tunnel pasteurizer is available

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Fermentation Tank