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High-quality 3BBL beer brewing system,bar,restaurant,hotel brewing system supplier,more than 60 years of industry service experience, one-stop turnkey project,to solve the problem of beer production for you.

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3BBL beer brewery system in beer bar brewpub,500L system, two batches of beer production,It is used by customers to produce fresh lager beer with high degree of automation, PLC automatic control, heating and cooling temperature and precise control.

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The WEMAC 3BBL turnkey beer brewing system, from the malt crusher to the fermentation equipment and the wine extractor at the bar, is customized according to customer requirements. We have customers using equipment in Belgium, Germany, Greece, the United States, Canada, Australia and other places. Since its establishment in 1958, with more than 60 years of experience, WEMAC has become a leading manufacturer in the industry.

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The building materials include stainless steel, copper, copper outer, electric heating, steam heating, double-layer insulation, and high heating rate.

Internal 2B surface of the equipment is pickled and passivated, and the welds have been finely processed, so there is no unevenness and deformation.

Filter plate: milling. The material is SUS304, the opening rate is about 10%; the surface is bright and flat; the part can be opened, it is convenient to clean, and it is not deformed; the distance between the filter plate and the bottom of the pot is between 2-5cm, and the bottom of the tank is equipped with a bottom cleaning device, uniformly distributed No less than 3

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1. A special fermentation process that realizes two-stage heating and three-stage cooling;
2. Different fermentation curves can be preset for different beers, so as to meet different fermentation processes.
3. The program can realize the setting of any cooling speed within 2-24 hours, so as to prevent freezing in the tank and protect the yeast, and meet the normal progress of the fermentation mechanism.
4. Unattended fermentation process can be realized.

WEMAC has a professional technical and construction team that can help customers connect and debug on site and provide free equipment training services. Even in the period of COVID-19, we can still provide online technical support to allow customers to participate in the design of the equipment throughout the process. If you are looking for a producer of live beer brewing systems, WEMAC will be your best choice .

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