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Best craft brewery equipment near me

What is the best craft beer equipment? How to choose a good beer equipment? Seeing similar appearance, why is the price difference so big? If you plan to do craft beer business, these are all issues we have to consider. Leave these professional questions to professional people, everything will become simple, you only need to choose a good location, tell us your daily output, general budget, and what kind of heating method is convenient. If you think this is also very troublesome, then we can design a set of turnkey beer production projects according to your requirements.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : 100L、200L、300L、500L

Best craft brewery equipment manufacturer near me


The first step in buying beer equipment is to look at the strength of beer equipment manufacturers. A very important step in brewing beer is the beer equipment. Therefore, before buying beer equipment, you must know the strength of the company in advance. How long has been established can prove that the manufacturer has rich experience in manufacturing beer equipment.

The second is the configuration, the configuration of the equipment can determine the price of the beer equipment.

Third, after-sales service, whether there are any brewing problems in the beer making process can be answered in time.

Technical parameters of best craft brewery equipment near me 

Production capacity100L/D200L/D300L/D500L/D1000L/D2000L/D
Floor space15㎡25㎡35㎡50㎡80㎡120㎡
Ultimate capacity12kw12kw12/18kw15/45kw22/72kw31/144kw
Maximum hourly Water0.2m3/h0.4m³/h0.5m³/h1.0m³/h1.5m³/h2.0m³/h
Total water used0.5m3/d1m³/d1.5m³/d2.5m³/d5m³/d10m³/d
Consumption of malt20Kg40Kg60Kg100Kg200Kg400Kg
Consumption of hop60g120g180g300g600g1.2Kg
Top steam……0.017t/h0.017t/h0.05t/h0.10t/h0.20t/h

Configuration of best craft brewery equipment near me 

CodeName No.PartSpecificationQuantityBrandRemark
Raw material handling
1  Malt crusher150Kg/h   XW-G3(XW-TG/BXG-300)
   1 set
    Type: on the roller
    Material: carbon steel
    Voltage: AC380V, 3PH, 50Hz
    Speed: 700 rpm
    Dimensions:(H * L * Wmm): 1365 * 780 * 600
    The quality of the whole machine is about 150KG.
2Mashing system2Mash/Kettle tun500L
    Working capacity
1 setWEMACInner material SUS304, 3mm, thick brass as outer material;Dimensions: D =   1260mm, H = 2550mm.
Electric heating, power 36KW. meets the temperature rise of 1-1.5 degrees /   min
Insulation rock wool, the thickness of the insulation laminate is   80mm. 
More than 40% of the air capacity
The speed of the stirring motor is 30r/min. The stirrer in the tank is made   of stainless steel 304. The lower part of the stirring shaft supports the   bushing. The upper part of the pot has a seal to prevent steam from leaking   from the shaft. 
The upper steam discharge pipe has a diameter of 159, and a condensate   collecting device is added to the steam discharge pipe, and the drain pipe is   embedded in the heat preservation layer. 
The bottom feed
Temperature sensor, -10--150 ° C, 4-20 mA signal, L = 200 mm,
    50.5 chuck connection,Brand: Fred
Inside the equipment 2B surface, pickling passivation treatment, welds   after fine treatment, no deformation, etc.;external surface wire drawing   treatment, equipment appearance, pipe layout, opening position, etc. meet the   operation, on-site installation and visit requirements
 Round glass manhole, dish-shaped head 
With a cleaning tube, with standard ball washing, cleaning
    pipeline ISO32,integrated searchlight sight glass
3Lauter/whirlpool tun500L
    Working capacity
1 set WEMACThe effective part of the filtering part is 500L, and the effective
    volume of the spin-drying part is 500L
The inner material SUS304, Outer material, brass; outer dimensions: D =   1260mm, H = 2750mm.
 Filter part of rock wool insulation, thickness 80mm
The upper 2 inlet tubes, one for reflux and washing. The internal washing   device is in the form of a double umbrella plate, and the second washing tube   is used for the washing of the filter tank, and is equipped with a standard   washing ball ISO32
The filter has the upper circular mirror manhole, the side square out of   the mouth (spent grains chute); the filter discharge main pipe with the   audition and the sanitary sampling valve, the mirror is installed   horizontally; the filter can achieve natural filtration and suction   filtration, The natural washing can synchronize the washing
Filter plate: milling. Material SUS304, the opening ratio is about 10%; the   surface is bright and flat; the part can be opened, the cleaning is   convenient, the use is not deformed; the distance between the filter plate   and the bottom of the pot is between 2-5cm, the bottom of the tank is   provided with a bottom cleaning device, uniform Not less than three. 
Tillage device: The overall material is stainless steel 304; the   installation and support are firm, the rotation is stable; the speed control   is variable; the inclination angle of the tilling knife is ≤ 15°; the   internal tillage frame is fixed to the cylinder of the tank, not the bottom;   the stirring motor and Gearbox jacket stainless steel 304 shield. Motor and   gearbox speed 30r/min, choose domestic famous brand. Turning farming lees   forward, reversing row lees
The counter-clockwise tangential feeding, the feeding port is one-third of   the liquid level; the liquid level pipe has a breathing hole, and The shape   of the bottom and the discharge ensure the convenience of operation and   increase the convenience of operation while reducing the liquid loss. There   is a bypass between the sinking discharge pipe and the sewage pipe; Teflon   liquid level pipe
Inside the equipment 2B surface, pickling passivation treatment, welds   after fine treatment, no deformation
The spin-sink has a cleaning tube with standard ball washing ,searchlight   sight glassand
    ISO32 cleaning line.
4 Hot water tank1000L
    Working capacity
1 setWEMAC1. The material of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the thickness of the   outer packaging material is 2mm; the external dimensions: D = 1160mm, H =   2500mm.
    2. Rock wool insulation 80mm.
    3. Conical head, round manhole.
    4. Electric heating tube heating,
5 Heat exchanger
 1 setWEMAC1. Suspended. Design pressure 1.0mpa, design temperature 150 degrees; flow   rate 2T / H.
    2. The plate and frame material are 304 stainless steel.
    3. The heat exchange area and process combination are satisfied: the wort   is reduced from 98 degrees to 8-10 degrees, and it is finished in 40 minutes.   The water rises from 2 degrees to above 65 degrees; the cooling water   temperature is -5 ℃.
    4. Both the wort inlet and the cold water inlet use ball valves to control   the flow, and the wort temperature uses a digital display thermometer.
6Wort oxygenator
 1 setWEMACThe Venturi principle material is SUS304, the oxygenation is even and   detailed, with a glass sight glass, the oxygenation can be seen
7Yeast add irrigation10L1 setWEMAC 1. It can be moved, and the yeast is fed into the wort pipeline after the   board is replaced by gas. The material is SUS304 high-quality stainless   steel.
    2. The upper part can be opened for manual cleaning and has an exhaust   valve; the lower part has a cone bottom; the outlet is equipped with a   movable transparent hose, which is dual-purpose, which is both a yeast outlet   and a yeast inlet.
Yeast added pipes, valves, meters1 setIncluding valves, sight glass, pipe fittings, hand-held thermometer,   temperature display, etc.
8Platform and steps
1 setWEMAC Stainless steel
9Wort pump
 Wort pumpShengbo1. The pump body and impeller material are SUS304 high-quality stainless   steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known   domestic brand.
    2. Frequency conversion control, flow rate 3 tons / hour, head 18 meters.
10Hot water pump
 1 setShengbo1. The pump body and impeller material are SUS304 high-quality stainless   steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known   domestic brand.
    2. The flow rate is 3 tons / hour and the head is 24 meters.
3  Fermentation system1 Fermenter500L6 sets WEMAC Inner material SUS304, thickness 3mm; Outer material SUS304, thickness 2mm;   Dimensions: D = 1060mm, H = 2260mm / device manhole opening height 2530mm.
Miller plate jacket, material SUS304, thickness 1.5mm, cylinder cooling   area is about 40% of the cylinder surface area, cone cooling area is about   50% of the cone surface area.
Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm
The pressure resistance of the tank is 2.5 bar.
Cone compression design at 60 °
Air capacity 20%,the upper part of the cylinder is flush with the bottom of   the ball.
Equipped with a washing ball, the installation position is slightly lower   than the welding seam between the cylinder and the head, the cleaning tube Ø32
The internal roughness is ≤0.4um, and there is no deformation, no   scratches, 2B side of the weld.
The upper part is equipped with manhole and positive and negative pressure   safety valve, single head.
The tank is equipped with temperature sensor (-10--150 ℃, 4-20mA signal, L   = 200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand Fred), sampling valve; sewage outlet at   the bottom, wine valve and hop at the bottom of the cone Dry investment port   DN100.
Bottom drain pipe Ø38
Inside the equipment 2B surface, pickling passivation treatment, welds   after fine treatment, no deformation, etc.; external surface wire drawing   treatment, equipment appearance, pipe layout, opening position, etc. to meet   the operation, On-site installation and visit requirements. 
2Mechanical regulating valve
6 sets    WenhanMaterial SUS304, mechanical pressure regulation, control the pressure in   the fermentation tank, model WH-5101A (0.2-2.2bar), with flush membrane   pressure gauge.
3Breathing valve
 6 setsWenhanMaterial: SUS304
Installation method: quick installation, chuck 50.5
    Pressure: 0.2MPa
    Cooling system
1Chiller5H1 setWEMAC1. Unit type: air-cooled chiller, voltage level AC380v, 50hz, total input   power 4.86KW.
    2. Ability to meet requirements, outlet water temperature -5 ℃, nominal   cooling capacity 5.94KW.
    3. Dimensions (L * W * Hmm): 892 * 781 * 864
    3. Outdoor installation, ambient temperature <35 ℃.
    4. Compressor: fully enclosed scroll type, refrigerant R22.
3 Alcohol jug1500L1 setWEMAC1. The material of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the thickness of the   outer packaging material is 2mm; the overall dimensions: D = 1460mm, H =   2500mm
    2. Polyurethane foam insulation 80mm.
    3. Automatic temperature control.
    4. Matching valves and fittings, all pipelines are insulated
4 Alcohol pumpFlow 3T / H, head 18M1 setCNP,ChinaAlcohol water circulation pump, the ability to meet the requirements.
5Electracal system1Fermentation controlJoint control of imported brand PLC and 10-inch large-screen touch screen1 setWEMAC1. A special fermentation process to achieve two-stage temperature increase   and three-stage temperature decrease;
    2. Different fermentation curves can be preset for different beers to meet   different fermentation processes.
    3. The program can realize the setting of any cooling rate within 2-24   hours, so as to prevent freezing in the tank and protect the yeast, and meet   the normal progress of the fermentation mechanism.
    4. Unattended during the fermentation process.
    5. The fermentation temperature, time and cycle of each stage can be   arbitrarily set and modified.
    6. The system capacity satisfies a fermentation cycle. The system collects   and summarizes data every 20 minutes, and can record all data in a   fermentation cycle.
    7. Traceability.
    8. Accuracy error ± 0.3 ℃.
 1 WEMACMashing and fermentation share a distribution cabinet
3Fermentation control solenoid valve3/4”8Sanlixin Copper, fluoroplastic diaphragm, DC24V, 2 spares
4Temperature sensor
10Fred 4-20mA, fast chuck connection, -10-150 ℃.
5 wire and cable
1 set  DomesticUse shielded cables for signal cables
6Threading tube
1 setWEMAC Stainless steel, the quantity and size meet the requirements of on-site   installation
11Pipeline 1Mashing pipelineΦ381 setWEMACIncluding all mashing valves and pipelines, ice water pipelines.
2 Alcoholic pipeline Main pipeline Φ321 setUse 304 stainless steel pipe, rubber and plastic sponge 3 cm insulation,   1mmPAP outsourcing
Branch pipe Φ32
3Air compression lineΦ10 1 setPressure reducing valve, sterile filter, Φ10 hose 50 meters
Carbon dioxide charging and exhausting lineΦ10 1 setA set of carbon dioxide pressure reducing valve, Φ10 hose 50 meters
4 Rubber hoseФ381 set1.washing tubes×2(2m / 3m) wort tube×1 10m, Φ38, snap-on quick-fit standard   connector.
    2. Material: inner rubber white NBR, outer rubber blue NBR / PVC, abrasion   resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, two layers of high-strength   fiber wire reinforced with a layer of spiral steel wire;
    3. Temperature range -30 ℃ -80 ℃;
    4. Comply with the US FDA food grade certification.

Φ10 air pipe quick connectors×20; slip knot pads each×20;  sight glass×1;  rake rake×1 and  mash measurement barrel×1.

The above parameters are based on 500L as an example, and the specific equipment configuration is also different. The above data is for reference only, please inquire for details.

Processing of best craft brewery equipment near me

As long as it is making beer, all brewing procedures are the same. The whole set of beer equipment mainly includes malt crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, CIP cleaning system, refrigeration system, control system, etc. The saccharification system is the core, which is mainly completed in four steps, namely saccharification-filtration-boiling-spinning Shen. The fermentation system is mainly composed of fermentation tanks, which are mainly used to ferment beer. CIP cleaning can be used for in-situ cleaning. The refrigeration system is used to cool down the wort after spinning, and also to control the temperature of the fermentation tank. The control system is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.


Let’s introduce the beer brewing process in detail below.

1. For malt conveying, if it is a large brewery, a hoist or flexible screw conveyor is required. If the output is small, you can use a pair-roller malt pulverizer to crush the husks without breaking, and the malt achieves a suitable degree of pulverization.

2. Add a certain temperature of water to the saccharification pot, turn on the stirring first, and slowly feed the material. After the feeding is finished, continue to stir, which can effectively prevent the material from agglomerating. Saccharification is divided into one-step saccharification method or multi-step saccharification method, and different saccharification can be set according to your requirements. After the saccharification is completed, add hot water to the filter tank. The hot water needs to cover the sieve plate to prevent the temperature of the mash from falling when the pot body is too cold, causing the filter speed to be too slow. Pour the mash in the saccharification pot into the filter tank, then clean the saccharification pot, and wait for the next step of feeding. Turn on the cultivator, stir, and stir for a certain period of time to bring the wheat lees to a flat state, stop the cultivator, and stand still for a period of time. After the juice is cool, stop the reflux and close the reflux valve. Then beat the wort into the boiling pot. Finally, the filtration is very slow, the cultivator is activated to loosen the lees layer, and finally it is poured into the boiling pot.

3. Boil in a boiling pot, boil for 5 minutes and add the first hops, which can provide relative bitterness, reduce the boiling pot, and add the hops for half an hour. There are many types of hops, so the time and amount of hops added are also different.

4. Into the rotary sink, let it stand for 40 minutes, then enter the plate changer.

5. After entering the plate replacement, the temperature of the wort obtained is 7-8°, and the hot water through the replacement reaches more than 70 degrees, and the hot water can be recycled to the hot water tank for reuse.

6. Put the wort into the fermentation tank for fermentation.


How to choose best craft brewery equipment?

According to your market positioning, forecasted market sales to determine the daily output, the size of the venue to choose the most suitable plan for you, as long as there is no problem with the configuration, this is the best beer equipment.

WEMAC has more than 60 years of beer production experience and has used the longest equipment in our factory for more than 60 years. We have accumulated a lot of successful experience.

WEMAC has advanced production equipment to escort customer equipment.

Attracting German advanced technology and making innovations, seminars are established with various universities every day.

WEMAC can provide overall outsourcing of medium and large beer equipment, from design to turnkey projects of beer equipment manufacturing.

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