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Brewery Equipment Installation

Service > Brewery equipment installation

1. Fix the equipment according to the relevant drawings, technological requirements &site conditions.
2.Mashing system: confirm the operating plane, adjust the spacing between mash tun and filter tank, connect process pipe fitting, wort pump, fill the mash system, filtration equipment and pipe with water , steam heating, start wort pump to confirm if it is leaking, examine all parts, if everything is OK, begin to feed
Exhaust: mash tun equipped with exhaust steam drum, equipped with air interchanger to assure indoor gas discharge timely.
Mechanical devices: check the filter tank plow knife, mixing motor, reducer fixed bolts, fittings etc. the reducer oil is normal, connect to the power, adjust the direction of rotation, commissioning, if all is ok, then feed the device.
Liquid level meter: check whether there is any damage on glass tube.
Special requirements;Steam heating, adjust steam pressure from 0.15 to 0.2 MPA, mash tun internal water level can not be lower than heating jacket upper limit position.
3. The fermentation equipment: fermentation tank installed with pipe, valves, pressure gauges, temperature sensor and other accessories, pressurized with tap water from 0.18 to 0.2 MPA, the holding time is 2 hours, no abnormal before cleaning, test one by one.
4. Professional refrigeration engineering install and debug refrigeration equipment.

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