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Brewery equipment manufacturers germany ZXF

German quality, high-end beer brewing system, automatic control, large, medium and small types, suitable for use in bars, hotels, restaurants, industrial breweries and other places.

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Brewery equipment manufacturers germany

German quality beer brewing beer system, stainless steel/copper multiple options, capacity from 50L small home brewing system to 5000L industrial beer brewing system.

commercial beer brewing-beer making-professional-5BBL-3BBL-500L.jpg

Two vessels mash system combination,mash/kettle tun+lauter/whirlpool tun

Double wall jacketed,Interior Shell:3mm, Exterior Shell 2mm

Outter, Polish to 0.2~0.4μm. Inner, do acid wahsing and passivation.The internal 2B surface of the equipment is pickled and passivated, and the welds have been finely processed, without unevenness

Gas steam boiler heating,electric element heating/direct fire is available

conical fermenter-stainless steel-beer making-beer fermentation tank-Unit tank-price-sale well in germany.jpg

Temperature sensor, -10--150℃, 4-20mA signal, L=200mm, 50.5 chuck connection. 

Rake device: The overall material is stainless steel 304; the installation and support are firm, and the rotation is stable; the speed is controlled by frequency conversion; the tilt angle of the tillage knife is ≤15°; the stirring motor and the gearbox are covered with stainless steel 304 guard. The motor and gearbox have a speed of 30r/min, with a forward rotation of the tillage and a reverse rotation of the drain. 

5BBL-Craft beer-brewery-brewhouse-manufacturer-suppliers.jpg

2000L four vessels craft beer brewery system,mash tun+lauter tun+kettle tun+whirlpool tun.

Feeding hopper on top of mash tun.

Heat Liquor tank can be added according to customer requirements,

With an extra HLT. We can brew beer in sequence as mash, filter, boiling and whirlpool, so that it will save much time and operation.


The HLT supplies mash and grain washing with hot water, so it is more recommended for this system.Steam heating method is the most fitful method for this brewhouse configuration

steam heating four vessel brewhouse automatic microbrewery suppliers-3000L-30HL.jpg

Fermentation system:

Manway:Top manway or side shadowless manway design.
Accessories: double L tubes, dry hops port, vacuum breathing valve, water-sealed valve ( or other pressure relief valve ),
pressure gauge, sample port, carbonation stone, beer outlet, drain outlet.

Jacketed refrigeration, the glycol water tank provides cold water, and the cold water pump realizes the cold water circulation refrigeration in the fermentation tank.

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