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Commercial beer brewing brewhouse mash kettle tank

Professional two vessels/three vessels/four vessels craft beer brewing,virous kinds of mash brewhouse for choose.suitable to put it in beer bar,hotel,and micro brewery.

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  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

500L brewery equipment is widely used in brewery factory, restaurant and so on. It can brew pale lager, amber lager, dark lager, ale and etc at proper temperature with different raw material. According to the client’s requirement, WEMAC can produce stainless steel 304 brewhouse, copper and etc.

3BBL beer brewhouse-commercial mash tun.JPG

500L mash system,mash/kettle tun+lauter/whirlpool tun

2-Vessel Main Features:

A typical two-vessel Combination Mash Kettle Tuns are the first combination vessel in these brewhouses line ups.Next inline is the combination of the lauter and Whirlpool tanks.

Heating method

Steam(Electric steam boiler,gas steam boiler, oil steam boiler)

Direct fire



Plate heat exchanger,one side connect to tap water,the other side connect to the hot wort,to cooling the wort before enter to fermenter.

commercial microbrewery-fermenter-ferment-fermentation tank.JPG

Jacketed fermenter,the volumn is 500L,top sight galss,bottom beer outlet arm valve,side round manhole,

Sample valve. vent valve,pressure gauge.

beer making-PLC control-craft beer brewhouse-control cabinet.JPG

PLC touch screen,auto control the mash and fermentation system.

Adjustable temperature, high precision, and the error does not exceed 0.3℃

We provide a complete commercial brewing system, including malt grinder, filling line, etc. thecapacity ranges from 500L to 5000L.

If you are interested in beer making or want to know more about the product,we can help.

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