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Commercial beer brewing line turnkey brewery manufacturer ZXF

Commercial beer brewing line,From malt crushing to mash and brewing, fermentation and refrigeration, filling and packaging,WEMAC provides a complete system of design and production services,A complete turnkey project for large and small breweries.

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Commercial beer brewing line turnkey brewery manufacturer

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A complete system can be designed according to customer’s production requirements, production batches, etc., including malt crushing to Filling and packaging after beer brewing, etc.

Take a small Commercial 500L brewing system as an example. Beer needs four steps of mash from malt powder to wort, and these four steps need to be carried out in four vessels. Mash tun+lauter tun+kettle tun+whirlpool tun.For small equipment, Common systems is 2 vessels,it means mash/kettle in the same tank,lauter/whirlpool tun in the same tank, Common ones are mash/lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tun.

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As the picture shows, the top left is lauter tun, the bottom is whirlpool tun, and the right is mash/kettle tun.

Mash and boiling require heating. Our system is jacketed, with electric steam boiler, electric coil heating, gas steam boiler heating, LPG steam boiler, direct fire steam boiler and other different heating methods.

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The wort completed in the four saccharification steps passes through a plate heat exchanger for preliminary cooling, and then is pumped into the fermentation tank through a pump for cooling and fermentation.The mash time for a batch is about 7-8 hours.

We provide chillers, and the glycol water tank is circulated for refrigeration through the jacket of the fermentation tank. In about 2 weeks, the beer fermentation was completed.

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beer brewing line,The mash process, boiling refrigeration process, etc. are connected to our PLC control system through a temperature sensor, with high temperature control accuracy, and the temperature difference does not exceed 0.3 ℃. The PLC system also controls the motor, etc. for mixing and spent grain draining operations.

The automatic temperature setting and adjustment function of the system is suitable for the brewing of a variety of different flavors of beer in different countries. WEMAC provides customers with brewing operation training and equipment installation and commissioning services. For the system, we provide three years of free maintenance and parts replacement services.

Even during the COVID-19 period, we can provide customers with remote on-site services. If you are a beer lover and are interested in beer brewing, your inquiry is welcome.

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