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Conical jacket beer brewery fermentation tank ZXF

PLC auto temperature control,jacketed beer brewery fermenter,made of high quality stainless steel.double walls,Polyurethane foam filling, heat preservation and cooling,pressure gauge,breathing valve,sampling valve,etc. are all equipped.

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  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

Conical jacket beer brewery fermentation tank

Jacketed feremtner,The volume varies from 100L to 5000L.The 80MM polyurethane foam filling has obvious heat preservation and refrigeration effect. The cold water pipe is embedded in the cold water pipe. The cold water is provided by the refrigerator to realize the circulating cooling of the wort in the fermentation tank. suitable to put it in your restaurant/mini beer bar/hotel etc.

fermenter-jacketed-double wall-fermentation system-brewery.jpg

The raw materials are made of high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel. Factory large-scale machine tools, plate flattening machine, plasma cutting machine processing, all-round automatic welding machine, weld flaw detection machine inspection. More than 60 years of equipment processing experience, perfect after-sales service guarantee, from design to packaging and delivery, providing a complete one-stop service guarantee.

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Take the 500L jacketed fermetner as example,the position of manhole can be designed in top or side. bottom drainage valve,used  of spent beer out. beer outlet arm valve is used in beer out.sample valve/carbonation stone/PRV are all connected through clamp.

no dead zone.

brewery fermentation tank-beer fermenter.jpg

Top sight glass,flange connect,Double L cleaning  tube for beer cooling.PT100 the Accuracy no more than 0.5℃. PLC auto control temperature and the temperature can be set in the PLC system.

The taper and shape of the bottom of the fermentation tank can be designed according to the size of your on-site room


Under normal circumstances, each batch of wort fermentation in the fermenter requires a half-month fermentation cycle. One fermenter can produce 2 batches of beer per month. Taking a 500L fermenter as an example, it can produce 1000L of beer per month. The monthly output of 6000L beer in 6 fermentation tanks can meet the beer demand in most cases.

Of course, different types of beer fermentation cycle or equipment requirements are different, if you have a demand, then don't hesitate to tell us. 

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