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Detailed accessories of craft beer brewing making plant system manufacturer from China WEMAC

Adhering to the business philosophy of “Cherishing life, noble responsibilities”

And “perfect service for customers”, insisting in the purpose of “specialized solutions, high quality manufacturing, timely and comprehensive after sales service”, WEMAC provides perfect project solutions to customers for a long time. Pharmaceutical equipment sold to 2000 pharmaceutical factories and more than 700 hospitals. Beer brewing equipment exported to over 40 countries and regions.

If you are interested in beer brewing or want to built your own brewery,WEMAC will try our best to help you.


WEMAC has assembled China’s first-class welding equipment experts and engineers, capable of seamless welding and refined welding. 

The outer surface of the tank body is polished, pickled and passivated, does not rust, is durable, and has a beautiful appearance


Round stainless steel glass sight glass, wearing searchlight, Flange connection ,can clearly see the raw material processing process in the tank


The pipe bends are equipped with visual glass sight glass, clamp screw connection, clamp pad inside, and accessories are selected from high-quality, traceable and guaranteed merchants.



The pipe connection part is clearly marked, and the connection part is made of thicker materials. WEMAC provides free maintenance and replacement services for the accessories of the equipment, and a sufficient amount of accessories are given away for free before leaving the factory to avoid any failure in use.

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