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Double Stations Beer Keg Washing Machine(Three Water Tanks)

Equipment Outer Dimensions:1200*1700*2000mm
Net Weight:450 KG
Power Steam Heating: 3KW
Electric Heating: 18KW
Production Capacity:60-80 kegs/Hr
Washing Method:Invert Washing
Applicable Kegs:Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,Height 360-600mm
Heating Way:Electric Heating or Steam Heating
Power Supply Voltage:AC 380V 50HZ (customized)

  • Brand : WEMAC
  • MOQ : 1 SET
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

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Double Stations Beer Keg Washing Machine(Three Water Tanks)Main technical parameters

Equipment Outer Dimensions


Net Weight

450 KG


Steam Heating: 3KW  Electric Heating: 18KW

Production Capacity

60-80 kegs/Hr

Washing Method

Invert Washing

Applicable Kegs

Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,  Height 360-600mm

 Heating Way

Electric Heating or Steam Heating

Power Supply Voltage

AC 380V  50HZ (customized)

Double Stations Beer Keg Washing Machine(Three Water Tanks) Main function and feature

1、All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
2、Two sets of washing process for customers to choose.
3. With three water tanks: hot water tank, Caustic tank and disinfectant tank.
4、Disinfectant and Caustic could be used repeatedly to save water
5、Water tank possess heating function, the temperature can be displayed on screen.
6、With steam sterilization function (user-selectable).

Double Stations Beer Keg Washing Machine(Three Water Tanks)Working process:

Start (pressing) --- water washing -- Caustic washing --Hot water washing-- Hot water washing--water washing(cooling)--disinfectant washing--water washing -- Steam sterilization --  Co ₂ pressurization -- Stop

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