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How much does it cost to build a small craft brewery? ZXF

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How much does it cost to build a small craft brewery?

How to build a small craft brewery? How much does it cost to build a small craft brewery. With the development of the craft beer market, more and more small and medium-sized breweries have sprung up in China. At present, the domestic support policy for small and medium-sized breweries is still good. Many cities support small and medium-sized craft beer factories through investment channels. So how to build a small and medium-sized brewery? How much money is needed to build a small craft brewing factory and what procedures are required to go through?

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A brief introduction to the general process of opening a craft brewing factory is divided into the following steps:

1. Factory location

2. Company Registration

3. Municipal or Development and Reform Commission for the record

4. Three synchronizations of environmental impact assessment, factory planning and construction, and fire protection

5. Qualification application (SC)

First of all, the following locations should be avoided in the site selection of the factory, near the downwind direction of power plants or chemical plants, near animal breeding farms, near scenic spots and urban water supply sources, near residential areas, low-lying terrain and other related unreasonable locations . For company registration and production licenses, you can directly indicate the scope of pre-packaged food production and sales on the business scope when applying for business licenses, so as to avoid secondary additions. Then there is the National Development and Reform Commission for the record. The company should file the basic information of the company, project name, construction site, construction scale, construction content, total investment and other information through the online platform before the factory starts, and consult relevant departments for approval. Handle the project environmental assessment. Finally, the SC certification application for the brewery needs to indicate the variety of beer products, which are divided into several categories: cooked beer, draft beer, fresh beer, and special beer.


Let’s take a craft brewery project with an annual output of 1,000 tons as an example. First, choose the location of the factory. The factory can be divided into two ways: self-built or leased. Self-built requires a larger investment. The rent varies in size. The purchase of brewing equipment in the plant mainly depends on the type of equipment selected and the need to meet different brewing configuration requirements. The annual production of 1,000 tons of craft beer projects generally uses a 2KL saccharification pot, two pots and four brewing configurations, with ten 4 tons. Fermentation tanks can meet the capacity requirements of the project. The purchase cost is generally about 500,000-800,000, and the filling equipment is about 200,000-300,000. The production requires 3-5 people with full-time winemakers to provide technical support. For beer, the quality of the wine and the development of the late formula must keep up with the rhythm of the market and meet the customer's drinking type. After the equipment is installed and debugged, the first batch of beer raw materials required for feeding needs to be prepared, such as malt, hops, yeast, etc. For raw materials, from plant to infrastructure, from equipment debugging and installation to personnel production and operation, and sales links, a project team needs to be established, and a certain amount of funds must be prepared for operating costs.


In the future, the country will formulate relevant regulations, policies and industry standards for craft beer. Therefore, it is expected that the number of small and medium-sized craft beer factories will rapidly increase in the future to meet market demand, which will also usher in the development of the entire craft beer industry A major opportunity.


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