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How to brew beer?

Making beer mainly depends on whether you are home brewed beer or commercial beer. The production process and artificial equipment are also different. The output of home brewed beer is small, mainly for beer lovers or families. The beer equipment must be relatively small, the process flow is much simpler, and the beer taste is also quite different. If it is commercial beer, the output is relatively large, the beer produced has many flavors, which is more suitable for the public, more technological processes and more diversified beer equipment.

How to brew home beer?

30L-home using-beer making-home brewing equipment-beer kegs_副本.jpg

Mash systemHost1Mash   machine30L1setLiner/cladding   stainless steel304
2Liner   filtration30L1setLiner/cladding   stainless steel304
3Circulating   pump
1setCentrifugal   pump
Spare1PVC   hose
parts2Mixing   shovel
1pcstainless   steel304
Fermentation systemHost1Fermentation   tank30L1setstainless   steel304

The above is the equipment picture and technical configuration used in home brewing beer. The brewing process is as follows: firstly, crush the malt with a pulverizer, put the crushed malt into a saccharification pot for soaking, soak it at a temperature of about 65 ℃ for 2 hours, then filter it, filter out the wheat grains, and then boil it. In the process of boiling, add hops, cool it to about 20 ℃ after boiling, and put it into a fermentation tank for fermentation, Add some yeast and ferment for about 12-20 days

How to brew commercial beer?

You can't brew beer without beer equipment. Beer brewing includes malt crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, steam system, electrical system, filling system, etc.


This is the flow chart of the whole beer brewing.

1Malt   milling system1Malt   milling machine
    Mash system
1Mash/kettle   tun
2Lauter/whirlpool tun
3Hot liquor tank
4Plate   heat exchanger
5Wort   oxygenator
6Yeast addition tank
7Operation   platform
8Wort   pump
9Hot   water pump
3Fermentation system1Fermenter
2Mixing tank
4Vent   valve
4Cleaning   system1Mobile cleaning   cart
5Cooling system1Chiller
2Glycol   water tank
3Ice water pump
6Electrical System1Fermentation   auto control
3Fermentation   control solenoid valve
4Temperature   Sensor
5Wire   and Cable
6Threading   tube
7Filling system1Bottle   rinsing machine
2Linear   filling and capping machine
3Linear   sticker labeling machine
4Conveyor   system
8Steam   system1Electric   steam boiler
9Pipeline   accessories1Mash,   CIP, water pipeline
2Glycol   water pipeline
3Steam   pipeline
4Air   compression pipeline
5Food   grade hose

The above table shows the equipment required for brewing beer.

How to brew commercial beer?-Malt milling 


The first step is to crush the malt within half an hour before saccharification. Generally, if the output is small, use a double roll malt crusher to crush the wheat peel without crushing, and the malt reaches the most appropriate crushing degree.

How to brew commercial beer?-Mashing system 

The saccharification system is mainly divided into four steps: saccharification - Filtration - boiling - spin sedimentation. 1.Saccharification means that the crushed malt is soaked at different temperatures for a certain period of time. Convert the starch in crushed malt into fermentable enzymes. The following table shows that the enzyme activity is different at different temperatures.

EnzymeOptimal temperature rangeWorking pH rangeFunction
Phytase30-52℃5.0-5.5Lower the pH value of mash
Protease35-45℃5.0-5.8Dissolution of starch.
β-glucanase35-45℃4.5-5.5Provides nitrogen source for yeast
Protease45-55℃4.6-5.3Decompose to form turbid large protein.
β-amylase55-65℃5.0-5.5Production   of maltose.
α-amylase68-72℃5.3-5.7Produces   a variety of sugars, including maltose.

2.After saccharification, the next step of filtration shall be carried out. In the filter tank, open the ploughing knife to stir until the wheat grains reach a flat state, stop the ploughing knife, stand still for a period of time, the wheat grains settle into a dense filter layer, turn on the wort pump for reflux, until the wort is cool from the mirror, stop the reflux and hit the boiling pot.、

3.Boil for 5 minutes, add hops, which can provide relative bitterness and reduce the boiling pot. Add once after half an hour, and add hops again 5 minutes before the end.

4.After boiling, the last step is spin sedimentation. Spin the hops and protein substances to make the beer cool.

ModelOutputCombination   modeVoltageHeating modeMaterialScope of   applicationControl mode
100L100L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireSUS304/316LHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.Semi automatic /    automatic
Three vessels brewhouse
200L200L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
500L500L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
1000L1000L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
RemarkThe above models can be customized according to   the requirements

The above table shows how to select the combination of saccharification system.

How to brew commercial beer?-Fermentation system 

The fermentation system is composed of a fermentation tank. The spirally precipitated wort is cooled with a plate heat exchanger, put into the fermentation tank, add yeast, and ferment for about 12-20 days to convert the sugar in the wort into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Finally, it will become everyone's favorite beer.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply to you in time. For how to select equipment, please read the previous articles or contact us directly. We will make the most suitable scheme for you.

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