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How to choose the size of beer brewing equipment?

The maturity of beer market gives birth to numerous and complicated characteristic beer. Different beer needs different brewing equipment. We need different sizes of beer equipment for different venues. How do I choose the size of the brewing equipment?

The following is the classification of beer equipment selection. According to the size, you can choose the beer brewing equipment suitable for your space.

Choose microbrewery equippment:

  (widely used in small and medium breweries, regional breweries, bars, hotels, beer houses, restaurants, clubs, schools, laboratories, farm breweries etc.)

  BBL:   ➮ 2BBL  ➮ 3BBL  ➮ 4BBL  ➮ 5BBL  ➮ 7BBL  ➮ 8BBL  ➮ 10BBL  ➮ 15BBL  ➮ 25BBL  ➮ 30BBL 

  L/HL:   ➮ 500L (5HL)  ➮ 600L (6HL)  ➮ 800L (8HL)  ➮ 1000L (10HL)  ➮ 1200L (12HL)  ➮ 1500L (15HL)  ➮ 1800L (18HL)  ➮ 2000L (20HL)  ➮ 2500L (25HL)  ➮ 3000L (30HL)  ➮ 3500L (35HL) 

  Choose commercial beer brewing equipment:

 (widely used in regional breweries, modern breweries and industrial breweries.)

  BBL:  ➮ 35BBL  ➮ 40BBL  ➮ 50BBL  ➮ 60BBL  ➮ 70BBL  ➮ 80BBL  ➮ 100BBL  ➮ 110BBL  ➮ 120BBL  ➮ 130BBL 

  L/HL:  ➮ 4000L (40HL)  ➮ 5000L (50HL)  ➮ 6000L (60HL)  ➮ 7000L (70HL)  ➮ 8000L (80HL)  ➮ 10000L (100HL)  ➮ 12000L (120HL)  ➮ 15000L (150HL) 

  Choose nano brewery equipment:

   (widely used in bars, hotels, beer houses, restaurants, clubs, schools, laboratories, farm brewery and so on)

  BBL:   ➮ 2BBL  ➮ 3BBL  ➮ 4BBL  ➮ 5BBL  ➮ 7BBL  ➮ 8BBL 

  L/HL:  ➮ 200L (2HL)  ➮ 300L (3HL)  ➮ 400L (4HL)  ➮ 500L (5HL)  ➮ 600L (6HL)  ➮ 800L (8HL)  ➮ 1000L (10HL) 

How to choose a beer brewing equipment manufacturer?

We have large-scale plates longitudinal and circular seam pipes automatic welding machines, automatic polishing unit, electric-chemical polishing workshop and perfect production examination center, also we own advanced spectrograph, endoscope, roughness examination and nondestructive examination equipments.

WEMAC supply annual output of 100000 tons large brewery equipment, annual output of 10000-100000 tons medium-sized brewery equipment, small brewery equipment under annual output of 10000 tons, beer teaching experiment equipment, hotel beer production line, including malt crushing equipment, mashing system, fermentation system, beer filtration system, filling system, liquor system and process technology. WEMAC also provide beer brewery technical guidance, personnel training, technological formulation, beer new technology research and development and promotion and provide beer production raw materials and equipment accessories for a long time.

We are the best brewer in China. We have our own brewery system factory. Beer brewing equipment and OEM services.Welcome to visit our factory.

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