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Nano beer Brewery equipment manufacturers uk ZXF

3BBL-20BBL beer brewery machine,Semi-auto control,Various flavors of beer such as white beer, dark beer and IPA can be produced.Suitable to use in hotel/restaurant/craft beer bar.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

Nano beer Brewery equipment manufacturers uk

500L two vessels craft beer brewhouse in customer's lab,Through WEMAC design, production, installation, commissioning and provide hands-on teaching and training of equipment.the cost in total no more than 50000$.

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The outer surface of the bar is designed in a simple medieval style, and the whole system of fermentation tanks and bar tables are combined. Save space, customers can intuitively appreciate and taste the process of beer from brewing to cup.

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6 sets of 500L jacketed fermetner,one batches of beer brewing per day,the monthly production can reach to 6000L.

Glycol water tank and chiller,cooling water generation,and storaged in the tank,via the coolign water pump,the glycol water cooling the wort in the fermenter.

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Jacleted mash/kettle tun+lauter/whirlpool tun,top mash tun,bottom kettle tun,Square spent grain spot.False bottom,plays the role of filtering.


The steam boiler provides heating power, and the tank jacket is used for heating. The temperature of the fermentation tank, Mash system, and glycol water tank is measured by the temperature sensor probe, and the temperature error does not exceed 0.3 degrees Celsius. The temperature collection is displayed on the control screen through the PLC control system. Customers can brew different varieties of beer according to their preferences.

In the early design stage, we will calculate according to the size of the customer's bar, determine the brewing batch, and design the actual on-site hydropower and energy layout according to the customer's budget. According to the fermentation cycle, the size and layout of the site determine the number and appearance standards of the fermentation tanks.

Established in the year of 1958,with more than 60 years expirience.provide one stop service for customers from all over teh world.

If you are interested in beer brewery and want to brewing beer,do not hesitate to let us know.

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