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The development of craft beer equipment

Despite being steeped in tradition, the craft brewing movement is astonishingly young. But it’s growing up fast. In the United States there were a mere eight craft brewers in 1980, and just 537 by 1994. Today? There are more than 6,0001 craft breweries in America alone, where consumption has grown by 500% and quadrupled its market share in the past decade2.
Not surprisingly, we continue to see established brewers diversify into craft. Meanwhile, craft consumption in Europe continues to soar with a compound annual growth rate of 11%3 estimated for the next few years; with South and Central America projected to be the next big craft beer region.How does all this resonate with consumers? And what does it ultimately mean for the craft brewing industry? At DSM, our unique brewing enzyme solutions are used by much of the industry, including a growing number of craft breweries. So we commissioned a Global Insights Report to uncover what craft drinkers really think. The research covers several thousand adult craft drinkers of all ages in seven geographic markets (The UK, USA, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands). The results speak for themselves…We see a new craft beer revolution brewing that’s ripe with opportunity and bursting with diversification and premiumization. As smaller brewers enjoy significant growth, and established multinational brewers continue to invest in craft breweries and regional brands, we appear to be witnessing the birth of a new phenomenon: Big Craft. Read on to find out how – and why…
In the past two years, just under 50% of the craft drinkers we surveyed say they now drink more craft beer. Just 6% of this group are drinking less craft beer. The greatest increase took place in those aged 18-30. Crucially, this increase is eating into regular beer consumption with 56% of respondents saying they drink less regular beer now.


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