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Dry Hopping device original WEMAC HopGun


Designed for: max. 20kg

Hop type: Hop Pellets (Type 45 or 90)

Design pressure: 3 bar

hop gun-sus-stainless steel-dry hop gun.JPG

20L-30L-Hop gun-hops gun.JPG

Example picture: 20L HopGun  

Working principle:

For dissolving hop pellets and transfer to the fermenting tank though a specially designed

candle in the middle of the WEMAC HopGun.

The use of the green beer pump and the special design leads to low sheer force impact on the

beer and guarantees higher yields than classical dry hopping techniques.

The system can be sterilized easily by putting it in CIP line. 

Hop filling: Due to large man way on top for comfortable access

Total Emptying: Pushing out with CO2 or N2 possible


Technical data:

●Total height: Approx. 2400 mm

Material: Stainless steel (304)

Empty weight: Approx. 180 kg

Beer inlets: On the side walls with butterfly valve DN 32

Beer outlet: Through center special candle with butterfly valve DN 40 (double outlet)



Shape: "Klöpper" design

Material: Stainless steel (304)

Weld finish: Ground


Side walls:

Side shell design: Cylindrical shell

Material: Stainless steel (304)

Weld finish: Ground

Sight glasses allowing observation of dissolving process

Number of viewing glasses: 2



Man way

Stainless steel (304)



●Spray balls with CIP connection piped to operator level



●Connections for CO2 or N2

with butterfly valves DN 25

and screw connection and blind cap

for enabling CO2 purging before filling

(reducing oxygen contact) and for emptying

Inlets /outlets with butterfly valves

and screw connection and blind cap

1 special designed candle

CIP connection for spray ball

with butterfly valves

and screw connection and blind cap

Safety valve


Recommended requirements for operation

- Needed room height for candle removal min. 3240 mm / 10,63 ft

- Controlling platform or access ladder ca. 580 mm / 1,91 ft.

- Hoist i.e. chain hoist

- Separate inlet for tank circulation

- Beer pump

- Hoses and cellar T-pieces

Operating platform and hoist– if needed by customer

(Connections also available with Triclamp)

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