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Top manufacturer of 15BBL 25HL 2500L Beer industry turnkey craft brewery equipment-WEMAC ZXF

We have been passionately committed to one goal for over 60 years: promoting delicious beers and the tradition of brewing skills from the homeland of beer throughout the world. This commitment plus cooperation with our customers based on partnership and the quality of our brewery installations are the reasons why WEMAC breweries today provide beer connoisseurs worldwide with fresh beer.

As an TOP manufacturer in beer brewing industry,our focus is always on sustainable growth. Trusting, long-term customer relationships are our key priority. We develop high-performance brewery installations which ensure our customers retain a competitive edge on the market and enjoy long-term success. Because we know all too well: we can only grow together in future if our customers are successful.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on


We see ourselves as a manufacturer of breweries and a supplier of turnkey solutions. From the needs analysis, the development of the gastronomic concept and interior design to the construction, transport, delivery and installation as a complete turnkey system and on to include extensive consultation services and service offers after the opening – competent, personal support over the entire process of creating your pub brewery and beyond are all a matter of course for us. Our goal: your long-term success as a pub brewery. A goal to which we commit ourselves anew every day.

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WEMAC is a pioneer where integral success concepts for pub breweries are concerned. With our brewery roots and our groundbreaking invention of the pub brewery in 1958, we certainly know what counts: reliable state-of-the-art brewery installations that produce individual beers of the very best quality, equipment and interior furnishings that meet the highest aesthetic demands and create a unique atmosphere plus the perfect interaction of all elements that ensures a visit to your pub will be an unforgettable experience.

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Since 1958,WEMAC has combined German brewing skills with innovative, future-orientated brewery equipment. Our brewery installations meet the very highest demands on quality and are developed consistently in line with customer requirements. Our customers benefit from the expertise we have acquired over generations, from our commitment when it comes to the continuous further development our system technology and from consulting services and service offers that are unrivalled on the market. Over 200 industrial and pub breweries in 30 countries trust in brewery installations from WEMAC, including such famous names as Singha, Paulaner, Kirin and BrauUnion. 

The ingredients for the long-term success of our customers: a tailor-made and sustainable concept, the economical and resource-conserving operation of the system and, it goes without saying, outstanding beer with consistent quality and an authentic taste. Why don't you, too, lay the foundation of your success and the sustained growth of your company with a WEMAC brewery? From our 360° consultation to delivery of a complete turnkey system and on to include commissioning and support over the entire lifecycle of your system - WEMAC is the honest and competent partner at your side at all times.

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