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WEMAC 25L Hop gun for dry hopping

Total capacity:30L
Effective capacity:25L

  • Brand : WEMAC
  • Materials : SUS304/316
  • MOQ : 1 SET
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

25L Hop gun for dry hopping 

Product Simple Summary


Hop gun - is the equipment for dry hopping of beer.

Hop gun is a good choice for dry hopping if you want to add more flavors for your beer.

The hop tank capacity is 25 liters.


Product Description


Firstly,the hop gun can be used for hops addition during the kettle process.
The whole wort in the kettle tun can completely wash the hops, effectively extract the active ingredients of the hops,
provide the hops utilization rate , and reduce the hops consumption ;


Secondly,the hop gun can also be used for the hops addition during the whirlpool process,
which can effectively shorten the isomerization time of α-acid in hops,
reduce the bitterness of hops remaining in beer, and maintain the hops aroma in beer;


Thirdly,the hop gun can be used to hops addition when there is no cooling after whirlpool.
The approximation is similar to the whirlpool process,
but it can effectively reduce the content of coagulum during whirlpool and effectively reduce the labor intensity;


Fourth,the hop gun can also be cold-added in the fermenter. Without increasing the bitterness of the beer,
but improving the beer hop aroma, efficiently extracting the active ingredients of the hop,
uniformly defining the flavor of the beer, reducing the hop consumption.
This device is very simple to use and can be easily integrated into existing beer fermentation and bottling compartment.


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