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Commercial beer equipment includes hotel craft beer equipment, stainless steel beer equipment, barbecue beer equipment, bar craft beer equipment, music restaurant craft beer equipment, small beer house craft beer equipment, small craft beer equipment. We design a complete set of beer equipment according to the customer's site, process and specific requirements, which can realize fully automatic operation, It can also be semi-automatic and the brewing process is simple. Wemac commercial beer equipment brews many kinds of beer with pure taste and rich nutrition. According to the different output of customers, from 500L to 5000L.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : SUS 304/316
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to the requirements of clients
  • Length : customized according to customer size
  • Size : customized according to customer size
  • Suitable venue : Home , restaurant,hotel,wine bar ,micro brewery,and so on

Standard configuration of commercial beer equipment

The standard configuration of beer equipment includes malt crusher, saccharification system, cooling system, water treatment system, cleaning equipment and control system.



Malt milling machine of commercial brewing equipment :

The use of roller, so that wheat bran broken but not broken, content to achieve the best degree of comminution, more conducive to the next step of saccharification. Wheat bran can gather on the filter tank to form a layer of filtration, which is more conducive to the filtration of wort.

Mash system of commercial brewing equipment:

The saccharification boiling pot is made of 304 stainless steel, with coil jacket and insulation rock wool. The agitator is also made of 304 stainless steel, with steam discharge pipe at the upper part and condensate water device. The 2B surface inside the equipment is refined, without concave convex deformation. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful by wire drawing. The upper head has a glass manhole for easy observation. Equipped with cleaning device

Beer-brewing-equitment-supplier (300).jpg

Cooling system of commercial brewing equipment.Unit type:air-cooled chiller(glyocl).


Fermentation system of commercial brewing equipment

The number of fermenters depends on the customer's daily production,The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, Miller plate or coil jacket, lower cone inclined 60 °, More conducive to yeast precipitation, easy to recover.

There are many commercial brewing equipment canada.Welcome to consult.

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