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commercial craft brewing equipment

With the development of science and technology, there are many kinds of craft beer equipment manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different production technology and different materials, which makes the price of products uneven. It is suggested to choose the one with high cost performance rather than the one with low price. So how do we choose craft beer equipment according to different production scale?

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

What is commercial craft beer

Craft Beer originated in the United States. Literally, craft beer emphasizes "handmade", which is different from traditional industrial beer. The longer fermentation time, the higher concentration of wort and the stronger taste of craft beer; Moreover, its taste and category are more abundant. According to the category, there are nearly 100 styles of craft beer in the world; At the same time, craft beer was originally small and limited production beer; These characteristics also give craft beer enough premium space.In recent years, commercial beer including craft beer has become popular in major cities. Different malts, hops, yeasts and brewing processes make unique formula hidden in each bottle. With various styles of craft beer bars and restaurants, craft beer is becoming more and more popular.

Main application of commercial craft beer equipment

Commercial craft beer brewing equipment is divided into fresh beer equipment, craft beer equipment, small brewery craft beer equipment. It is suitable for home use, hotels, bars, restaurants, small and medium-sized breweries, etc.

Malt milling system of commercial craft beer equipment

Malt grinding: 10 minutes before grinding, add 5% water of malt weight to wet the surface of malt. When there is no obvious water drop on the surface of malt, it can be crushed. The malt is added into the hopper to start crushing. During the crushing process, samples are taken at any time to detect the crushing condition of malt. According to the thickness of malt crushing, the distance of grinding plate and the feed volume are adjusted appropriately, and the ratio of coarse to fine is 1:2.5


Mash system of commercial craft beer equipment

Mash process: start the mash pot to stir, put the crushed malt powder (measured by 12 ° P wort, about 12kg) into the mash pot, stir evenly, stop stirring, and keep at 37 ℃ for 20 minutes. Start stirring, turn on steam heating, heat at the rate of 1 ~ 1.5 ℃ per minute to 50 ~ 55 ℃, stop stirring, and keep still for 40 minutes for protein decomposition. At the end of the protein pause, start the stirring, pump the gelatinized mash into the mash pot, heat the mash to 65 ℃, stop stirring, and keep it still for 70 minutes for mash.

Temperature rise to kill enzyme: start stirring, turn on steam heating, raise the temperature to 78 ℃ at the rate of 1 ~ 1.5 ℃ per minute, stop stirring, keep still for 10 minutes, and wait for filtration.

Filtration process: start saccharification and filtration agitation, pump saccharification mash into filter tank, after pumping mash, stop agitation after saccharification mash is even, stop for 10 ~ 15 minutes after mash feeding, and let it form natural filter layer. When the static time is up, open the filter material valve and return valve, start the filter pump, make the wort return in the filter tank for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and pay attention to adjust the flow rate of the pump to 20% ~ 30% of the maximum flow rate. After observing the clarity of wort through the mirror, close the return valve, open the filter valve to the saccharification pot, and pump the wort into the saccharification pot. The flow of the pump starts to be 20% ~ 30% of the maximum flow. According to the clarity of wort, gradually increase the flow. The flow control should keep the balance between the filtered wort and the wort from the discharge valve. After 20 minutes of filtration, samples were taken to measure the concentration of wort.

Wort boiling: when wort filtration is over, turn on the steam valve and start boiling. Wort boiling is the beginning time. The boiling time is 90 minutes, and the wort is always boiling; To control the concentration of wort at the end of boiling, if the concentration can meet the requirements within the specified time, it can be appropriately extended. The wort was boiled for 5 minutes and 10 minutes before the end of boiling. Bitter and fragrant hops were added to the wort. The heating rate was 40g (0.04%) and 20g (0.02%) respectively.

Wort rotary sedimentation: after boiling, close the steam valve, open the discharge valve and tangent inlet valve of the saccharification boiling pot, open the wort pump at the same time, circulate in the saccharification pot for 10 minutes, and settle for 30 minutes, then cool the wort.

Wort cooling: the boiling wort is cooled to - 6 ℃ by pre cooling ice water tank (ethanol and water as the mixed medium) and quickly cooled to the fermentation temperature through the heat exchanger pipe fitting. The fermentation temperature varies according to the commercial yeast, and the commonly used temperature is below 20 ℃, most of which is 9 ~ 15 ℃.

Add yeast and put it into wort: quickly add pre activated yeast into the sterilized pipe in advance, pump the wort cooled to about 9 ℃ to the fermentation tank, and add yeast into the fermentation tank. After all wort is put into the fermentor, oxygen is continuously injected for about 5 minutes to dissolve enough oxygen in wort


Mash system with two vessels and three pot

beer-equipment-mash-system (2).jpg

The long sight glass can better see the saccharification pot and it is more convenient to operate。


The stirring in the mash pot can prevent the feeding wheat flour from caking, which can evenly increase the temperature of the mash liquid, balance the temperature of the mash liquid, and reduce the caking caused by local overheating. Due to the wheat husk in the saccharification process, it is convenient to discharge the mash. After the saccharification, the stirring can be started to facilitate the discharge of the mash.


The wheat straw plough knife in the filter tank can evenly hit the filter tank, and the wheat bran precipitates in the filter tank. Slowly open the plough knife, and the wheat bran can be evenly distributed on the sieve plate to form a good filter layer. After filtering for a period of time and compacting, start the plough knife to loosen the layer of wheat grains and improve the filtering speed. It can realize automatic slot out and reduce labor intensity.

Fermentation system of commercial craft beer equipment

Fermentation: When entering the fermentation tank, the wort concentration is about 9~12°P, and the previous fermentation is about 4~5 days. The concentration of wort drops to about 4.5°P. There is no need to control the pressure in the tank. If the environment is clean, it can be opened. Mouth fermentation. Post-fermentation, mainly anaerobic fermentation, must keep the tank sealed, control the temperature at 12~15℃, keep the fermentation for 7~10 days, let the pressure rise naturally to about 0.1kpa, when the post-fermentation has no obvious diacetyl taste , The fermentation is over.

Cooling at the end: When the fermentation is over, the temperature should be cooled down, the speed should not be too fast, and the gradient should be about 1 to 0.5°C per hour to about 2°C. If the cooling rate is too fast, the material liquid next to the jacket will be easy to freeze, so that the yeast and some residues cannot be naturally precipitated, and the beer is easy to become turbid.


The number of fermenters depends on the daily production and the type of brewing.

Parameter of commercial craft beer equipment

Co.NameNo.ComposeSpecificationQuantityBrandparameter description
1Malt   milling system1Malt milling machine300Kg/h   XW-G3(XW-TG/BXG-300)1setChina    1. Type: double roller type
    2. Material: carbon steel spraying
    3. Voltage 230V/400V 50Hz, 1.5KW
    4. The speed of the fast roller is 700 rpm
    5. Dimensions (H*L*W mm): 600×780×1365
    6. The weight of the whole machine is about 150KG.                                         
2Mash system1Mash/kettle tun1000L1setWEMAC1. The material of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the outer shell   is 2mm; dimensions: D=1460mm, H=2570mm.
    2. Steam heating; coil jacket, 3bar pressure resistance. The heating meets   the temperature rise of 1-1.5 degrees/minute; the barrel and the bottom are   controlled separately.
    3. Thermal insulation rock wool, insulation layer thickness is 80mm.
    4. The stirring motor speed is 20r/min, the stirrer in the tank is made of   stainless steel 304, the stirring shaft has a scale, and the lower support   has a shaft sleeve. The upper part of the tun is sealed to prevent the steam   from leaking from the shaft.
    65 The upper steam discharge pipe has a diameter of ¢159, and a condensate   collection device is added to the steam discharge pipe, and the drain pipe is   pre-buried in the insulation layer.
    6. Temperature sensor, -10--150℃, 4-20mA signal, L=200mm, 50.5 clamp   connection.
    7. The internal 2B surface of the equipment is pickled and passivated, and   the welds have been finely processed, without uneven deformation, etc.; the   external surface is wire-drawn, and the equipment has a beautiful appearance.   The pipeline layout and opening positions meet the requirements of operation,   on-site installation and visits.
    8. Round glass manhole, dish-shaped head.
    9. Equipped with cleaning tube, with standard cleaning ball, cleaning   pipeline ISO32.
    10. Optional: Multi-nozzle steam condensing device
2Lauter/whirlpool tank1000L1setWEMAC1. The effective   volume of the lauter tun is 1100L, and the effective volume of the whirlpool   tun is 1300L.
    2. The material of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the outer cover is   2mm; the external dimension: D=1460mm, H=2570mm.
    3. Rock wool insulation for filtering part, thickness 80mm;
    4. There are 3 inlet pipes on the upper part, one of which is used for   reflux and the other is used for washing the grains. The internal grain   washing device adopts the form of double umbrella flow plate, and its three   washing pipes are used for washing the filter tank, equipped with standard   washing ball ISO32.
    5. The filter has a round manhole on the upper part and a square outlet on   the side (with a chute for the outlet); the filter discharge header is   equipped with a trial mirror and a sanitary sampling valve, and the sight   glass is installed horizontally; the filter can realize natural filtration   and suction filtration, and natural filtration It can be washed at the same   time.
    6. False bottom: milling. Made of SUS304, the opening rate is about 8%; the   surface is bright and flat; the part can be opened, easy to clean, and it is   not deformed; the distance between the filter plate and the bottom of the pot   is between 2-5cm, and the bottom of the tank is equipped with a bottom   cleaning device, uniformly distributed No less than 3.
    7. Rake device: the overall material is stainless steel 304; the   installation and support are firm, and the rotation is stable; the speed is   controlled by frequency conversion; the inclination angle of the tillage   knife is
15°; the internal tillage tool holder   is fixed on the cylinder of the tank, not the bottom; the stirring motor and   The gearbox has a stainless steel 304 shield. Motor and gearbox speed   19r/min, select domestic well-known brands;
    8. Rotary counterclockwise tangential feeding, the feeding port is 1/3   below the liquid level; it has a liquid level tube, a breathing hole, and a   quick-installation manhole on the side. The shape of the bottom and the   discharging material not only ensure the spin-sinking effect, but also   improve the convenience of operation and reduce the loss of material and   liquid. There is a bypass between the suspension discharge pipe and the   sewage pipe; Teflon liquid level pipe.
    9. The internal 2B surface of the equipment is pickled and passivated, and   the welds have been finely processed, so there is no unevenness and   deformation.
    10. The whirlpool tun is equipped with a cleaning tube, with a standard   cleaning ball, and the cleaning pipeline is ISO32.
3Hot liquior tank1000L1setWEMAC         1.The effective volume is 2000L,the inner liner is made of SUS304,the   thickness is 3mm,and the outer material is 2mm thick;overall   dimensions:D=1360mm,H=2500mm        2.Rock wool,thermal insulation laminate with a solid thickness of   80mm                                  3.Conical head at the top,round manhole for installation,and conical   head at the bottom.     4.Equipped with   cleaning pipe,with standard ball cleaning,cleaning pipe ISO32,overflow port.
4Plate heat exchanger
1. Two-stage cold, suspended type. The design pressure is 1.0mpa, the   design temperature is 150 degrees, and the flow rate is 4T/H.
    2. The plate material is 304 stainless steel, and the frame is 304   stainless steel.
    3. The heat exchange area and process combination meets: the wort drops   from 98 degrees to 8-10 degrees, and the material is finished in 40 minutes.   The temperature of tap water is 25℃; the temperature of cooling water is   -5℃.
    4. Both the wort inlet and the cold water inlet adopt ball valves to   control the flow
5Wort   oxygenator
1picecWEMACVenturi principle is made of SUS304, oxygenation is uniform and   meticulous, with glass sight glass, oxygenation can be seen.
6Yeast addition tank10L1picecWEMAC1. It can move and send yeast into   the wort pipeline after plate replacement by gas. It is made of SUS304 high   quality stainless steel.
    2. The upper part can be opened for manual cleaning and has an exhaust   valve; Lower cone base; The outlet is equipped with a movable transparent   hose, which can be used for both yeast outlet and yeast inlet.
Yeast addition tank1set
Including valves,sight glasses,pipe fittings.
7Operation   platform and step
1picecWEMACStainless steel
8Wort   pump
 1. The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304 high-quality stainless   steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known   domestic brand.
    2. Frequency conversion control, with a flow rate of 3 tons/hour and a head   of 24 meters.
9Hot   water pump
 1. The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304 high-quality stainless   steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known   domestic brand.
    2. The flow is 3 tons/hour, and the head is 18 meters.
3Fermentation   system1Fermenter 1000L4setWEMAC1. The inner tank   is made of SUS304, thickness 3mm; outsourcing is made of SUS304, thickness   2mm; dimensions: D=1160mm, H=2750mm.
    2. Miller board jacket, material SUS304, thickness 1.5mm, the cooling area   of the cylinder is about 40% of the surface of the cylinder, and the   cooling area of the cone is about 50% of the surface of the cone.
    3. Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm.
    4. The tank can withstand a pressure of 2.5bar.
    5. Compression-resistant design of cone under 60°.
    6. 20% empty capacity. The upper part of the cylinder of the tank is flush   with the bottom of the washing ball,
    7. Equipped with a washing ball, the installation position is slightly   lower than the welding seam between the cylinder and the head, and the   washing pipe is Ø32.
    8. The internal roughness is less than or equal to 0.4um, and there is no   deformation, no scratches, and the welding seam is 2B surface.
    9. The upper part is equipped with manhole and positive and negative   pressure safety valve, single head.
    10. The tank body is equipped with temperature sensor (-10--150℃, 4-20mA   signal, L=200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand Forex), sampling valve; there   is a sewage outlet at the bottom, and a wine valve at the bottom of the cone   , DN100 for dried hops.
    11. The bottom drain pipe Ø38.
    12. The internal 2B surface of the equipment, pickling passivation   treatment, external surface drawing treatment, beautiful appearance, pipeline   layout, opening position, etc. meet the requirements of operation, on-site   installation and visit.
2BBT1000L4setWEMACThe   same as fermentation tank (without hops).
Material SUS304, mechanical pressure regulation, control the   pressure in the fermentation tank, model WH-5101A (0.2-2.2bar), with flush   diaphragm pressure gauge.
4Vent   valve
Material: SUS304
    Installation method: quick installation, chuck 50.5
    Pressure: 0.2MPa
4Cleaning system1Mobile   cleaning cart
1setWEMAC 1. One 100L acid and alkali tank each;
    2. With control panel.
    3. 1 mobile cleaning pump, the pump body and impeller are made of SUS304   high-quality stainless steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary   pumps.
    The flow rate is 3 tons/hour, the head is 24 meters, and the voltage level   is 230V/400V 50Hz.
    4. The pipe fittings of the cleaning system are made of SUS304, equipped   with valve instruments.
5Cooling system1Chiller5P2set
 1. Unit type: air-cooled chiller (glycol), voltage level 230V/400V   50Hz, total input power 4.86KW.
    2. The capacity meets the requirements, the outlet water temperature is -5°C, and the nominal cooling   capacity is 7.4KW.
    3. Dimensions (L*W*Hmm): 1140*560*1040
    4. Outdoor installation, ambient temperature <35
    5. Compressor: fully enclosed scroll type, refrigerant R22C.
2Glycol   water tank1000L2setWEMAC 1. The material is   SUS304, the thickness of the inner tank is 3mm, the outer thickness is 2mm,   and the wire drawing process is used. Polyurethane foam insulation, full   insulation, insulation thickness 80mm.
    2. Dimensions: D=1860mm
3Ice water   pumpFlow 3T/H, head 24M1set
Alcohol water circulation pump, the capacity meets the   requirements.
4Ice water pump Flow 1T/H, head   24M1set
 Alcohol water circulation pump, the capacity meets the   requirements.
6Electrical System1Fermentation   auto control United States Rockwell   PLC and MCGS 10-inch large screen touch screen joint control1setWEMAC1. A   special fermentation process that realizes two-stage heating and three-stage   cooling;
    2. Different fermentation curves can be preset for different beers, so as   to meet different fermentation processes.
    3. The program can realize the setting of any cooling speed within 2-24   hours, so as to prevent freezing in the tank and protect the yeast, and meet   the normal progress of the fermentation mechanism.
    4. Unattended fermentation process can be realized.
    5. The fermentation temperature, time, period, etc. of each stage can be   set and modified arbitrarily.
    6. The system capacity meets one fermentation cycle. The system collects   and summarizes data every 20 minutes, and can record all data in a   fermentation cycle.
    7. Traceability.
    8. The accuracy error is ±0.3.
1picecWEMACFermentation   cooling:700*475*1800 SUS304 stainless steel control; mash: 500*600 control   cabinet + 10-inch touch screen control box
3Fermentation   control solenoid valve3/4”8Piece
Brass, diaphragm fluorine rubber, DC24V
4Temperature   Sensor
12pieceChina4-20mA, quick-fit clamp connection.
5Wire   and Cable
1setChinaUse   shielded wire for signal wire
6Threading   tube
1setWEMACStainless steel, quantity and size meet on-site installation   requirements.
7Filtration   system1Diatomite   filter500L/H1setWEMACFiltration capacity 500L / h, number of candle sticks 6
    Inner diameter of filter tank φ Inner diameter of 219mm mixing drum φ   219mm
    The maximum pressure is 0.6MPa and the working temperature is 100

Diatomite consumption 1.0-1.4kg/t
8Steam system1 Electric boiler100kg/h1setWEMAC 1. Rated steam pressure: 0.8Mpa
    2. Electric heating power: 72KW
    3. Water inlet diameter: DN15
    4. Steam caliber: DN25
    5. Sewage discharge caliber: DN25
    6. Product size: 1135
9Pipeline accessories1 CIP, water pipelineΦ381setWEMAC
2Glycol water pipelineMain pipe Φ381set
Φ25Branch pipe Φ25
3Steam   pipelineΦ251setThe shut-off valve,   pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, etc. from the boiler   to the boiling pot are all domestic brands, and the traps are float traps and   imported brands.
4Air   compression pipelineΦ101setPressure reducing valve, sterile filter, Φ10 hose 50 meters
5Food   grade hoseФ381set 1. 2 washing   pipes (2m/3m)/wort pipes 2 10m/10m, Φ38, withholding type quick-fit standard joints.
    2. Material: white NBR inner rubber, blue NBR/PVC outer rubber, abrasion   resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, two layers of high-strength   fiber thread reinforced with a layer of spiral steel wire;
    3. The temperature range is -30
    4. Comply with US FDA food grade certification.
1piece20 Φ10 air duct quick   joints; 20 slip-knot gaskets each; 1 exhaust rake, sight glass, and mash   measuring barrel each.

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