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CIP System

CIP system is used for cleaning brewing system, including saccharification pot and fermentation tank. It is a fully automatic cleaning equipment designed for large-scale manufacturers, which can effectively clean the inside of the system with rotating cleaning ball in the tank and connecting pipes. It is different from the traditional way of cleaning, the whole production line and production equipment in the closed space without removing parts or pipe fittings, cycle cleaning and disinfection of equipment, to achieve aseptic health level requirements, can not only improve the internal quality of beer, but also extend the shelf life of products.

The larger the equipment, the higher the requirement of cleaning equipment. Configure CIP equipment according to equipment size and requirements.

If you choose our high quality CIP system, you can gain a lot of benefits.

1. Efficient sterilization: it can effectively eliminate the cross contamination of active substances in equipment and pipelines, and clear the adhesion of insoluble particles.

2. Safety, energy saving and environmental protection: alkali liquid and acid liquid are recycled automatically in closed system.

3. Economical and reliable: compared with manual cleaning, it greatly shortens the cleaning time, improves the work efficiency, and the use of cleaning agent and water, which is more scientific and reasonable.

4. Flexible and universal: the system can carry out pickling, alkali washing, hot water washing and other processes separately, and can also make specific cleaning procedures according to the process to carry out all-round automatic cleaning.

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