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500L brewery system for craft beer brewing

A complete set of 500L beer equipment consists of malt crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, steam system, refrigeration system, CIP cleaning system, pipeline system, etc. 500L brewing beer equipment is generally used in commercial, restaurants, bars, barbecue shops and other places.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

500L brewery system for craft beer brewing 


Malt milling system and mash system of 500L brewery system for craft 






Detailed information

Pre-processing system

Malt   Crusher


Roller type, stainless   steel.






Mash &kettle&tun






working capacity:500L

1.  Inner material   SUS304, 3mm, thick brass as outer material;Dimensions: D = 1260mm, H = 2550mm.

2.  Electric   heating, power 36KW. meets the temperature rise of 1-1.5 degrees / min

3.  Insulation rock   wool, the thickness of the insulation laminate is 80mm.

4.  More than 40%   of the air capacity

5.  The speed of   the stirring motor is 30r/min. The stirrer in the tank is made of stainless   steel 304. The lower part of the stirring shaft supports the bushing. The   upper part of the pot has a seal to prevent steam from leaking from the   shaft.

6.  The upper steam   discharge pipe has a diameter of 159, and a condensate collecting device is   added to the steam discharge pipe, and the drain pipe is embedded in the heat   preservation layer.

7.  The bottom feed

8.  Temperature   sensor, -10--150 ° C, 4-20 mA signal, L = 200 mm, 50.5 chuckconnection,Brand:   Fred

9.  Inside the   equipment 2B surface, pickling passivation treatment, welds after fine   treatment, no deformation, etc.;external surface wire drawing treatment,   equipment appearance, pipe layout, opening position, etc. meet the operation,   on-site installation and visit requirements

10.Round glass   manhole, dish-shaped head

11.With a   cleaning tube, with standard ball washing, cleaning pipeline ISO32,integrated   searchlight sight glass














Mash system







Lauter&whirlp ool tun





working capacity:500L

1.  The effective   part of the filtering part is 500L, and the effective volume of the   spin-drying part is 500L

2.  The inner   material SUS304, Outer material, brass; outer dimensions: D = 1260mm, H =   2750mm.

3.  Filter part of   rock wool insulation, thickness 80mm

4.  The upper 2 inlet   tubes, one for reflux and washing. The internal washing device is in the form   of a double umbrella plate, and the second washing tube is used for the   washing of the filter tank, and is equipped with a standard washing ball   ISO32

5.  The filter has   the upper circular mirror manhole, the side square out of the mouth (spent   grains chute); the filter discharge main pipe with the audition and the   sanitary sampling valve, the mirror is installed horizontally; the filter can   achieve natural filtration and suction filtration, The natural washing can   synchronize the washing

6.  Filter plate:   milling. Material SUS304, the opening ratio is about 10%; the surface is   bright and flat; the part can be opened, the cleaning is convenient, the use   is not deformed; the distance between the filter plate and the bottom of the   pot is between 2-5cm, the bottom of the tank is provided with a bottom   cleaning device, uniform Not less than three.

7.  Tillage device:   The overall material is stainless steel 304; the installation and support are   firm, the rotation is stable; the speed control is variable; the inclination   angle of the tilling knife is ≤ 15°; the internal tillage frame is fixed to   the cylinder of the tank, not the bottom; the stirring motor and Gearbox   jacket stainless steel 304 shield. Motor and gearbox speed 30r/min, choose   domestic famous brand. Turning farming lees forward, reversing row lees

8.  The   counter-clockwise tangential feeding, the feeding port is one-third of the   liquid level; the liquid level pipe has a breathing hole, and The shape of   the bottom and the discharge ensure the convenience of operation and increase   the convenience of operation while reducing the liquid loss. There is a   bypass between the sinking discharge pipe and the sewage pipe; Teflon liquid   level pipe

9.  Inside the   equipment 2B surface, pickling passivation treatment, welds after fine   treatment, no deformation

10.The   spin-sink has a cleaning tube with standard ball washing ,searchlight sight   glass ISO32 cleaning   line.

Hot water tank



Working capacity 1000L

1.   The material of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the thickness of the outer   packaging material is 2mm; the external dimensions: D = 1160mm, H = 2500mm.

2.   Rock wool insulation 80mm.

3.   Conical head, round manhole.

4.   Electric heating tube heating,




1. Suspended.   Design pressure 1.0mpa, design temperature 150 degrees; flow rate 2T / H.

2. The plate   and frame material are 304 stainless steel.

3. The heat   exchange area and process combination are satisfied: the wort is reduced from   98 degrees to 8-10 degrees, and it is finished in 40 minutes. The water rises   from 2 degrees to above 65 degrees; the cooling water temperature is -5 ℃.

4. Both the   wort inlet and the cold water inlet use ball valves to control the flow, and   the wort temperature uses a digital display thermometer.


Wort oxygenator

Venturi principle material SUS304, oxygen even and detailed, with glass   sight glass, oxygenation can be visualized.



Yeast adding tank




Yeast   added pipes, valves, meters

1.     Can be active, rely on the gas to   the yeast into the board after the wort line, materialquality SUS304   stainless steel.

2.     The upper part can be opened and   cleaned manually with an exhaust valve; the lower conical bottom; the outlet   is equipped with movable transparent hoses, one for both, both yeast inand

yeast out.

Including valves, sight   glass, pipe fittings, hand-held thermometer, temperature display, etc.


Wort pump



1. The pump   body and impeller material are SUS304 high-quality stainless steel, which   meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known domestic brand.

2. Frequency   conversion control, flow rate 3 tons / hour, head 18 meters.

 Fermentation system of 500L brewery system for craft  beer brewing












Fermentation system















working capacity:500L

1.  Inner material SUS304, thickness 3mm; Outer   material SUS304, thickness 2mm; Dimensions: D = 1060mm, H = 2260mm / device   manhole opening height 2530mm.

2.  Miller plate jacket, material SUS304,   thickness 1.5mm, cylinder cooling area is about 40% of the cylinder surface   area, cone cooling area is about 50% of the cone surface area.

3.  Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm

4.  The pressure resistance of the tank is 2.5   bar.

5.  Cone compression design at 60 °

6.  Air capacity 20%,the upper part of the   cylinder is flush with the bottom of the ball.

7.  Equipped with a washing ball, the installation   position is slightly lower than the welding seam between the cylinder and the   head, the cleaning tube Ø32

8.  The internal roughness is ≤0.4um, and there is   no deformation, no scratches, 2B side of the weld.

9.  The upper part is equipped with manhole and   positive and negative pressure safety valve, single head.

10.The tank is equipped with temperature   sensor (-10--150 ℃, 4-20mA signal, L = 200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand   Fred), sampling valve; sewage outlet at the bottom, wine valve and hop at the   bottom of the cone Dry investment port DN100.

11.Bottom drain pipe Ø38

12.Inside the equipment 2B surface, pickling   passivation treatment, welds after fine treatment, no deformation, etc.;   external surface wire drawing treatment, equipment appearance, pipe layout,   opening position, etc. to meet the operation, On-site installation and visit   requirements.



Material   SUS304, mechanical pressure regulation, control the pressure in the   fermentation tank, model WH-5101A (0.2-2.2bar), with flush membrane pressure   gauge.

CIP system

1.One set mobile cleaning   pump, with a control panel. stainless steel 304

Cooling system and others of 500L brewery system for craft  beer brewing


2.Cleaning pump flow 2T /   H, lift more than 20 meters, corrosion resistance.



Cooling system



1. Unit type:   air-cooled chiller, voltage level AC380v, 50hz, total input power 4.86KW.

2. Ability to   meet requirements, outlet water temperature -5 ℃, nominal cooling capacity   5.94KW.

3. Dimensions   (L * W * Hmm): 892 * 781 * 864

3. Outdoor   installation, ambient temperature <35 ℃.

4. Compressor:   fully enclosed scroll type, refrigerant R22.

Alcohol   water



1. The material   of the inner tank is SUS304, 3mm, and the thickness of the outer packaging   material is 2mm; the overall dimensions: D = 1460mm, H = 2500mm

2. Polyurethane   foam insulation 80mm.

3. Automatic   temperature control.

4. Matching   valves and fittings, all pipelines are insulated

Alcohol   water




1.     Flow 3T/H, head 18M

2.     Alcohol water   circulation pump, the ability to meet the requirements.









Electric System







Fermentation control






Imported brand PLC and 10 inch screen touch screen   joint control.

1.   To achieve   two-stage heating, three-stage cooling special fermentationprocess;

2.     Different fermentation curves can   be preset for different beer so as to satisfydifferent fermentation   processes.

3.     The program can realize the   setting of any cooling rate within 2-24 hours, so as to preventice in the   tank and protect the yeast, and to meet the normal fermentationmechanism.

4.   Can be achieved   without fermentation fermentationprocess.

5.     The fermentation temperature,   time, and cycle of each stage can be arbitrarily set and modified.

6.     Thesystemcapacitytomeetafermentationcycle.   Thesystemcollects dataonceevery20 minutes and summarizes it. It can record   all data in a fermentationcycle.

7.   Traceability.

8.   Accuracy error   ± 0.3°C.


Mashing and fermentation   share a distribution cabinet


control   solenoid valve




Copper, fluoroplastic   diaphragm, DC24V, 2 spares

Wire   and Cable

Signal lines use the   shielded wire

threading   pipe

Stainless steel decoration   pipe, the size & number meet site installation requirements.

Pipeline fittings

Mash   line


material:AISI 304 pipeline   ,including mash all valves and piping,not include insulation material

The alcohol

water line

Main pipeline Φ32

Branch pipeline Φ25

material:AISI   304pipeline,not include insulation material

Rubber   hose


Washing pipe 2 sets (2 m /   3 m) wort tube 1 set 10 m, Φ 38, withhold type fast loading standard

connectors.Material: food   grade.

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