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50L micro brewery system in US

Small beer equipment is generally divided into two types, one is small household simple equipment, and the other is commercial beer equipment. Small household simple equipment generally refers to 30l-100l, with small floor area, convenient operation and relatively simple technology. Commercial beer equipment generally refers to 300l-2000l beer equipment. Now the popular fine brewing beer equipment in the market is made with this equipment.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : 50L
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

50L micro brewery system in US

Micro-beer-brewing-beermaking-home using-beer making-system.jpg

Configuration of 50L micro brewery system in US

 Name  No.  Component Specification Qty  Brand  Technical parameter description 
 Mash system1Mash/lauter tun50L1SetWEMAC 1. The inner liner and outer material are made of SUS304, the thickness is   3mm, and the outer material is 2mm thick. Dimensions: D=500, H=1250mm;
    2. Electric heating, 4KW*1, AC380V/3PH/60Hz.
    3. Heat-resistant polyurethane foam, with an insulation layer thickness of   50mm.
    4. Filter side feed
    5. The upper part of the filter is designed with an open cover and the side   outlet; the upper steam discharge pipe has a diameter of ¢63.
    6. Filter plate: milling. The material is SUS304, the opening rate is about   10%; the surface is bright and flat; the part can be opened, it is convenient   to clean, and it is not deformed; the distance between the filter plate and   the bottom of the pot is between 2-5cm, and the bottom of the tank is   equipped with a bottom cleaning device, uniformly distributed No less than   3.
    6. The accuracy of the temperature sensor is ±0.5 degrees Celsius, and the   temperature range is 0-150 degrees Celsius.
    7. The interior of the equipment is highly polished, and the welding seam   has been finely processed without uneven deformation. The appearance of the   equipment is beautiful, and the pipeline layout and opening positions meet   the requirements of operation, site installation and visit.
2Kettle/whirlpool tun50L1SetWEMAC 1. The inner liner and outsourcing material is SUS304, the thickness is   3mm, and the outsourcing thickness is 2mm. Dimensions: D=500, H=1250mm;
    2. Electric heating, 4KW*1, AC380V/3PH/60Hz.
    3. Heat-resistant polyurethane foam, with an insulation layer thickness of   50mm.
    4. The diameter of the upper steam discharge pipe is ¢63.
    5. Rotary counterclockwise tangential feeding, the feeding port is 1/3   below the liquid level; it has a liquid level tube, a breathing hole, and a   quick-installation manhole on the side. There is a bypass between the   suspension discharge pipe and the sewage pipe.
3 Plate heat exchanger
1SetWEMAC1. One-stage cold, suspended type. The design pressure is 1.0mpa and the   design temperature is 150 degrees.
    2. The frame material is carbon steel spray paint, and the plate material   is 304.
    3. The combination of heat exchange area and process meets: the wort drops   from 98 degrees to 8-10 degrees.
    4. Both the wort inlet and the cold water inlet use ball valves to control   the flow.
4 Wort pump
1Set China 1. The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304, which meets the   requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known domestic brand.
    2. Frequency conversion control, flow rate 1T/h, head 15m 0.55kw.
5 Mash part frame
1set WEMACSUS304 material, including moving wheels, frame, etc.
Fermentation system1 Fermenter100L5 SetsWEMAC1. The inner liner is made of SUS304, 3mm thick; the outsourcing is made of   SUS304, 2mm thick. Dimensions: D=660, H=1500;
    2. The temperature of the dribbling is SUS304, the thickness is 1.5mm, the   cooling area of the cylinder is about 40% of the surface of the cylinder, and   the cooling area of the cone is about 50% of the surface of the cone.
    3. Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 75mm.
    4. The tank can withstand a pressure of 2.5bar.
    5. Cone compression design at 60°.
    6. 20% empty capacity. The upper part of the cylinder of the tank is flush   with the bottom of the washing ball,
    7. The internal roughness is less than or equal to 0.4um, and there is no   deformation, no scratches, and the welding seam is highly polished.
    8. The upper dish-shaped head with heat preservation head.
    9. The tank body is equipped with temperature sensor, sanitary sampling   valve, pressure gauge, mechanical pressure regulating valve, breathing valve,   with a sewage outlet at the bottom, and a search light mirror DN100 on the   top.
    10. The bottom drain pipe Ø25.
2Radial quick assembly pressure gauge 
 5pics WEMACMaterial: SUS304
    Installation method: radial quick fit, clamp 50.5
    Pressure: 0-0.4MPa
3Breathing valve
5picsWEMACMaterial: SUS304
    Installation method: quick fit, clamp 50.5
    Pressure: 0.2MPa
4Fermentation frame
1setWEMACSUS304 material, including moving wheels, frame, etc.
5Bag filter
Cooling system1 Chiller and accesories1HP1setWEMAC 1. Unit type: refrigerated vortex compressor, single-phase voltage rating,   AC380V, 60Hz.
    2. The capacity meets the requirements, and the outlet water temperature is   -5°C. Cooling capacity 750kw;
    3. Outdoor installation, ambient temperature <35℃.
    4. Compressor: fully enclosed scroll type.
    5. Welding port, exhaust pipe 1/2", suction pipe 3/4";
    6. Contains high and low pressure gauges, expansion valves, copper pipes,   condensers, fans, unions, etc.
    7. Titanium evaporation tube
14, total outer diameter is about 300mm, inlet and outlet pipe 12*1, with 2 sets of copper union
2Alcohol/cooling water tank50L1SetWEMAC1. The material is SUS304, the inner liner is 2mm thick, the outer is 2mm,   and polyurethane foam is used for heat preservation. Dimensions: D=500,   H=1460;
    2. Automatic temperature control.
3 Horizontal centrifugal pumpFlow 1T/H, head 12M, 380V1台
CNP,China1. Flow rate 1T/H, head 12M
    2. Alcohol water circulation pump, the capacity meets the requirements.
Electrical System1 Automatic fermentation controlImported brand PLC and 10-inch large screen touch screen combined control1SetWEMAC1. A special fermentation process that realizes two-stage heating and   three-stage cooling;
    2. Different fermentation curves can be preset for different beers, so as   to meet different fermentation processes.
    3. The program can realize the setting of any cooling speed within 2-24   hours, so as to prevent freezing in the tank and protect the yeast, and meet   the normal progress of the fermentation mechanism.
    4. Unattended fermentation process can be realized.
    5. The fermentation temperature, time, period, etc. of each stage can be   set and modified arbitrarily.
    6. The system capacity meets one fermentation cycle. The system collects   and summarizes data every 20 minutes, and can record all data in a   fermentation cycle.
    7. Traceability.
    8. The accuracy error is ±0.3℃.
2switchboardSUS3041 Set 1 for mash, fermentation and cooling
3Fermentation control solenoid valve1/2”3PicsSanlixin,ChinaMaterial: Copper. Diaphragm fluorine rubber, DC24V.
4Temperature Sensor51clamp5Pics China4 for fermentation tank and cooling: -10-50℃, 2 for mash and boiling:   0-150℃; 1 wort temperature detection: 0-150℃. The length of the probe is   designed according to the drawings.
5Wire and Cable
1setChinaUse shielded wire for signal wire
6Threading tube
1setStainless steel decorative pipes, the quantity and size meet the   requirements of on-site installation.
Pipeline and accessories1 Mash pipelineΦ321setWEMAC Mash all valves and pipelines.
2Cooling pipelineΦ25/Φ191setUse stainless steel pipeline, 3 cm rubber-plastic sponge for heat   preservation, outsourcing PAP heat preservation aluminum-plastic composite   sheet
3Rubber hose  Φ32 1set #################################################################
4Brewing  tools 
1set one rake, 20 wind pipe quick connectors Φ10. 20 slipknot gaskets each. 1   sight glass. 
5Wort measure barrel 
1 pic 

Feature of 50L micro brewery system

The utility model relates to a home brewed beer equipment, which belongs to a small beer brewing system. Small space, high degree of automation, simple and easy to operate. The saccharification process is electric heating, which is generally equipped with two device specifications (saccharification filtration + boiling rotary sedimentation), with ice water tank, plate heat exchanger, wort oxygenator, wort pump, etc; The fermentation process is automatically controlled by PLC, and 6 fermentation tanks are generally configured according to the standard. It is a self entertainment beer brewing equipment. The inner tank and outsourcing materials of the whole set of equipment meet the requirements of international standards, with a thickness of 3mm and a thickness of 2mm. After seamless connection, high polishing and fine grinding, the equipment meets the operating conditions in terms of pipeline layout and opening position.

Specific data of 50L micro brewery system

Equipment output


Equipment power


Heating mode

Electric heating

Area covered


Total water consumption


Malt consumption


Hop consumption




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