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2500L commercial beer brewery System in Australia ZXY

This 2500L commercial beer brewing system is very popular in Australia, and our company has cooperation cases. The equipment is made of stainless steel, can be used for more than 15 years, and is very durable. One batch can brew 2500L craft beer. The equipment is a two-vessel brewing system with a small floor area and high automation, so factory workers can quickly get started.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on

This product is a two-vessels beer mash equipment, the combined form is mash/kettle tun + lauter/whirlpool tun, which mainly turns the crushed malt into wort through the mash equipment.


Mash/kettle tun : It is heated by steam, which can achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Both the cylinder and the bottom can be controlled separately. The tank has a double-layer insulation, and the heating speed is fast. The stirring system on the top can make the mash evenly saccharified, so that the wort and the polymer can be separated quickly.


Lauter/whirlpool tun: It is composed of upper and lower two-layer structures, the upper layer is a filter tank, and the lower layer is a spinning tank, which can realize natural filtration and suction filtration. The whirlpool tun is designed as a vertical cylindrical trough, which can separate the hop trough and the heat coagulation well to obtain clarified wort.


The inside of the main body of the equipment tank adopts mirror polishing treatment, and the outside adopts frosted polishing treatment. The equipment adopts automatic control operation to ensure the accuracy of the operation and proportion composition in the process stage, so that the taste and taste of beer are consistent.


WEMAC can realize customization according to different types of customers, different output, site and capital requirements, etc., match and combine equipment, and provide customers with complete design solutions.


 commercial -beer brewery System- in Australia.jpg


Product advantages:

1. Product appearance: small footprint and beautiful design.

2. Improve tooling equipment: to ensure that every process is perfect.

3. High quality assurance: long service life of the equipment, low maintenance cost and high wine yield.

2500L- craft beer -mash system.jpg2500L- craft beer -mash system.jpg

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