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Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line

If you are planning to build a brewery, you must consider the turnkey beer project. What is the whole turnkey beer production line like? Which manufacturers can do a good job in this beer production line? What problems should we pay attention to? The beginning of a new project certainly requires a lot of preparatory work and a lot of problems. Many times, it is very difficult. This professional problem should be solved by a professional company. We can provide you with the turnkey work of the whole beer project, with more than 60 years of production experience.

  • Brand : Wemac
  • Materials : 304/316L stainless steell
  • MOQ : 1 Uroup
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、UK、Europe、Australia、France,Canada and so on
  • model(number) : according to client requiement
  • Length : according to client requiement
  • Size : according to client requiement
  • Custom : according to client requiement
  • Suitable venue : small beer brewery,craft beer brewery,home/hotel/restaurant beer brewing etc.
  • Daily production : according to client requiement

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line


Before you decide to build a beer production line, you must know something about the market, beer types, factories and other issues, and the output is also determined. Therefore, you need to tell us your local voltage and frequency, and what is your daily output? How many kinds of beer are produced? What's the budget? According to these, we will ask engineers to make the technical configuration scheme of beer production line. Today, I'd like to talk about the beer equipment production line. It doesn't represent every customer, because the needs of every customer are different. We need continuous communication and exchange.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-the materia

First of all, the determination of material has a great impact on the price. Generally, we use 304 stainless steel for the whole beer system. If customers have special requirements, 316L stainless steel can also be used, and the cost will certainly increase accordingly. Copper can also be outsourced to make it look more beautiful. Generally, food grade 304 stainless steel is OK.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-Malt milling system


For small and medium-sized beer equipment, the counter roll malt crusher is commonly used, and the output is slightly larger. Multi roll malt crusher is used. Small and medium-sized beer equipment is generally dry powder. Malt is crushed for better dissolution. The malt is broken but not broken, and the wheat peel acts as a filter for wort filtration.


This wet malt crusher is suitable for large breweries. Finally, the malt is adjusted into thicker wheat pulp, which can reduce the flying of malt dust and protect the production environment.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-Mash system

ModelOutputCombination   modeVoltageHeating modeMaterialScope of   applicationControl mode
100L100L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireSUS304/316LHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.Semi automatic /    automatic
Three vessels brewhouse
200L200L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
500L500L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
1000L1000L/batchTwo   vessels brewhouse380V/220Vby steam,by electricity,by fireHotel、wine bar.restaurant etc.
Three vessels brewhouse
RemarkThe above models can be customized according to   the requirements



The saccharification system is the key to brewing beer. We all know that the saccharification process is inseparable from "saccharification lautering boiling whirlpool", so the combination of saccharification system evolved according to these four steps, that is, these four steps are completed by several cans. It is called two saccharification by two tanks and three saccharification by three tanks. Each function is completed by one tank, which is called four saccharification. The hot water tank is an auxiliary equipment. Therefore, the selection of several saccharifiers affects the output and processing speed. If you need to work 24 hours a day, it is recommended to choose the minimum four saccharifiers or even more.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-Fermentation system


The fermentation tank ferments the cooled wort through yeast, which converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The number of fermentation tanks is determined according to the daily output. The fermentation tank is a cylindrical structure with a conical bottom to facilitate the precipitation of yeast. The outside is jacketed by Miller plate or coil, and the medium inside is ethylene glycol or alcohol, which is used to cool the tank, which is more conducive to yeast fermentation. With thermal insulation, the outermost layer is provided with a shell, which can be made of 304 stainless steel or carbon steel.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-Cooling system

Cooling system the main function of refrigeration system is to provide cold source for cooling wort and fermentation after swirling sedimentation. The main equipment consists of: ice water tank (add ethylene glycol or edible alcohol with 30% of the tank volume to ensure no freezing at minus 6 ℃), cold water tank (large equipment and multi batch brewing need to be equipped, small equipment can not be used) and refrigerator.

Turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line-Cleaning system

CIP system breweries generally use the cleaning in place (CIP) method to clean and sterilize the equipment, that is, the process of cleaning and disinfecting the equipment without dismantling the equipment parts or pipe fittings in a closed environment. The larger the equipment, the higher the requirements for cleaning the equipment. Configure CIP equipment according to equipment size and requirements

Configuration of turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line

1Malt   milling system1Malt   milling machine
    Mash system
1Mash/kettle   tun
2Lauter/whirlpool tun
3Hot liquor tank
4Plate   heat exchanger
5Wort   oxygenator
6Yeast addition tank
7Operation   platform
8Wort   pump
9Hot   water pump
3Fermentation system1Fermenter
2Mixing tank
4Vent   valve
4Cleaning   system1Mobile cleaning   cart
5Cooling system1Chiller
2Glycol   water tank
3Ice water pump
6Electrical System1Fermentation   auto control
3Fermentation   control solenoid valve
4Temperature   Sensor
5Wire   and Cable
6Threading   tube
7Filling system1Bottle   rinsing machine
2Linear   filling and capping machine
3Linear   sticker labeling machine
4Conveyor   system
8Steam   system1Electric   steam boiler
9Pipeline   accessories1Mash,   CIP, water pipeline
2Glycol   water pipeline
3Steam   pipeline
4Air   compression pipeline
5Food   grade hose

The above configuration of  turnkey solution for the beer brewing production line is for reference only. Please contact us and we will design it separately according to your requirements.

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